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  1. Shadowwolf77

    Logo Design Tips

    Can anyone give some helpful tips/mockups for my Youtube channel design? I make short comedy films and am hoping for a retro/cartoonish/bright design scheme. Just any tips on creating a good pfp and channel art would be appreciated. Current profile pic designs (above) Current channel art
  2. B

    Creative Can somebody make us a youtubebanner and yt-profilepicture?

    Hi! Me and my friends are making a YT-channel. We want to do gaming stuff and our name is poma acetaria (which means fruit salad in latin). It was horrible to find a name and we are totally bad at art and photoshop and dont even have an idea for one of the two. So I hope you can help us. Thanks...
  3. R

    Need a Banner and Profile Picture for my Youtube Channel!

    Hello. I am a new Youtuber, and I have virtually no Photoshop skills. I was hoping someone could PM me about a Banner and Profile Pic, so I could tell them my idea. -rawry1000