1. IamSam

    Voting for Challenge 31.

    Chris Eggy #1 #2 Zeealex EaseMaster Paul IamSam #1 #2 MrToM #1 #2
  2. dv8_fx

    New Year, New Moderator.

    This New Year's Day, PSGurus is proud to announce the promotion to the rank of Forum Moderator of..... Zeealex A familiar face (or avatar) here at PSG, she has agreed to help out everyone in the forum in any way she possibly can. This promotion goes with all the rights, privileges...
  3. Z

    Zeealex logo (needs a bit of a guru's touch)

    hey people. i need help on what to do with my first ever ZA logo, which i will use to watermark my latest images, however i think it needs something. here's the PNG file so you can have a look and post comments on what to do with it. thanks if you can give a helping hand :thumbsup: and...
  4. Hoogle

    After Effects My 2 day project for 22 seconds of video (Sorry Zeealex)

    I just wanted to have a play around so thought I would make an intro style video I was bored of seeing Hoogle all the time so did it in Zeealex name (ps you owe me £100 lol joking) so without further a do I present to you ZEEALEX.