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A Somewhat Stressful But Also Funny Adventure


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OK, so here's the deal: my friend Shirley and I had quite an adventure earlier today. But it began a few weeks ago, when I got a jury-duty summons card in the mail. I tried to get a medical exemption, but they denied it and said I still had to report. My appointment was at 1PM, so Shirley picked me up at noon, and we headed out to Conroe. This is where things get interesting.
I've never been the best at reading small print, and the cards they give you for these notifications are always done in the tiniest typeface imaginable. So in retrospect, I guess its no surprise that I misread the address for the meeting, and put the wrong one into my phone's Google Map. As a result, Shirley and I wound up not at a courthouse, but in the middle of a residential neighborhood!
Thank God, there was a phone number on my jury card, so I called, and they gave me the address of the building...but I must have misheard that too, because we wound up at a courthouse in Conroe, but the wrong one! I'd only spent about five minutes in there though, when I ran into a kind lady who helped me figure out that the right place was just two blocks away. Shirley picked me up yet again, we went over there...and they turned me away because they were filled up for the day.
Stuff like this is truly a comedy of errors, and I imagine God looking down on me, just shaking His head at the absurdity of the whole thing. It was definitely an experience I won't soon forget!