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Specific Add missing foot


New Member
Hi all! This forum was a big help to me the last time I needed help with one of my bird photos, and I very much appreciate it!

This is a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, an insanely fast bird and this is probably the clearest shot I have ever gotten of it, EXCEPT for that foot! Is there any way of fixing this? I tried using the Clone Stamp tool to copy from the other foot, and rotating it to match the angle, but I cannot seem to get it to do what I want.

Hey! Welcome back!

Just a note.........it appears to me that the bird was facing away from the viewer/camera, when he decided to quickly turn around on the branch. His right leg and foot are in the process of changing direction. He has not yet moved his left foot as it is still facing away from the viewer/camera.

In your opinion, do you want both feet looking as though he had already turned around? Or would you like the right leg and foot to be placed back on the branch to the right of the left foot making him look as though he is just looking over his shoulder?
Thanks for the reply! Hmm, I think both feet looking as though he had already turned around, as I think it being placed to the right of the left foot would look strange.
I tried it the other way!! Oh well, you will have your choice now!

You're very welcome!!

I have not had time yet to work on placing his legs in a position like he had already turned around. I will have to find another bird photo and borrow the feet!