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Can anyone make a mobile version of this picture?


I want someone to make a 1080p version of this picture for mobile phones (1080x1920). There are purple and blue lines coming out of the face, I would like them on top too. Same with the glare surrounding the face, I would like it even on all four sides.


  • white-dwarves-start.png
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Just one more request. You see that long blue rod on the bottom left of the face? Can you just copy paste that over to the left side to make everything really symmetrical? It may seem that I have a very serious case of OCD but don't worry, this is for a poster and it needs to be visually appealing to others.
You'd like me to copy the "long blue rod on the bottom left" "and paste it over to the left"? I'm sorry, but I don't understand the request.
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Can you make all the blue and purple streams perfectly symmetrical? I want there to be the same number, length, and location of strands. Thanks!


  • white-dwarves-start-v5.jpg
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