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Specific hands/nails


hello, can someone fix the hands please
This is not the original photo, its edited but the hands looks bad in my opinion.
Nails also need some touch, most are acceptable unlike the last one on the right hand but they all need quality improvement and different color to match the lips

thanks a lot

nails should look like the attached pic if possible please


Hello. Please describe how you would like the hands to be "fixed".
i dont know, they just look strange, unnatural especially the one less shown. i guess keep them in same position (if u dont have better idea) just need them to look perfectly natural and elegant not like poorly edited element of the pic
thank you guys for trying but i imagined it differently, both of those look heavily edited and not natural at all and also dont change size of the pic and dont put some filters, it again makes it look not real, like a painting or something
1st one of kabak is closer to what i need but still it has to look more real, i dont know if u understand me but it looks like it was painted its easy to tell, nails look like they were attached to the picture.
and the less shown hand needs some edit it has a bad spot aswell

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also i forgot to say this
please, dont upscale it, use the original image to work on, with more pixels, larger image, it just looks bad, not like a real photo
Here is my last attempt
Even if you don't find this real enough,
it is quite possible that this is still the case here.
Hopefully a member will step in to achieve what you want.
psrqs7 last try.jpg
thank you very much for the help again
This is alot better than last one for sure
i just wish all nails(with the finger part around them, from the sides, if u understand me) could look like this one, its so perfect, i cant stop comparing it to all the rest
as for the realness, hands r so blured and just poor color quality, it makes a little dissonance with the bright nails but what bugs me more is the perfectness of the 1st one unlike the others

psrqs7 last try nail.jpg
also, doesnt this just look bad, kinda deformed, and both nails on that hand r also not looking near as good as the nails on the other hand
and the fingers there look different aswell

yes, those 2 nails looks better on the sides now but dont round them on top in almond shape, i like the other shape better, they just needed little touch on the sides

psrqs7 last try hand.jpg