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help designing logo

hi im trying to help my wife design a logo for some kids at schoo,l she knows what font she wants to use (its called tuna and hot dogs on rye and its free and on a site called Dafont.com) and wants some cartoon cookies (the food ones) in there somewhere, i thought id give photoshop a go but im a bit overwhelmed as to what to do so i could with some help, i will pay £10 via paypal for the best one (dont know if that is allowed on here if its not im sorry).

Our freelance section is set up for our qualified members to respond. This to protect both them as PSG contributors with good reputations as designers and Photoshop experts (sometimes budding ones who can do good work for you to judge) and you so that you will get decent work. It's up to you of course to use one who replies in the thread as are our guidelines for them or to choose one who comes through the backdoor. But you did come to PSG for our services and that is how we operate. You have the instructions as posted by dv8_fx. Thanks a lot for your understanding.