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Illustrator Make pattern tool AI PS6

Michael Dread

Hello, My first post here. I am a glassblower and also a photographer/Photoshop geek Artist in general. Recently We have the ability to mix Glassblowing with Graphic Design. I am really proficient in PS but never got into Illustrator, cause i never really needed it until now with the "trace" feature and the Pattern tool.

I have no problem making patterns, my problem is really APPLYING them. Like the sheets i am working with is 8.5 x 11 " x 300dpi which almost means nothing in AI. Really I can figure out everything but how do i fill the page with this pattern that i have saved....

Your help will be much appreciated, I know i am like 1 or 2 steps away from success.

Thanks If you want to see the glass we are doing ill post it if i have ability.

Thank you.