New here and need some help

Hey guys, I am a landscape designer and I am in need of some help. First, is there any software available for iPhone that is worth a damn? I need something that I can remove plants out of bed areas and then go back and replace them with something else. Next could anyone help me out with this and remove all the plants except for the trees? I don't mind paying a reasonable price if need be. I'm just under the gun with a customer and need to get a design to them asap. Thanks for any suggestions and help!


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Nice job gerryD, as a suggestion be carefull with the patrons when cloning, and i thing you can use that tree shadow to recreate the upper shadow.

Now I get it! We call 'em curbs.:giggle: And I don't speak English very good.....I mean, very well.....either! You're doing great!

I copied that patron because I didn't have a clue what was behind all those bushes. I guess I should have put some shadows
over the dirt, but that was the last thing and I wanted to finish. The rock is not all that good either.

Thanks for taking time to show me where I'm screwing up. I'll never get better without help. :thumbsup: