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Photoshop 25.9 / Rosetta / Liquify Tool not loner available (macOS)


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I updated to PS 25.9 (Rosetta) and suddenly the liquify tool (and some others) is no longer available.

What am I doing wrong? How can I solve this?

PS: I use the Rosetta, because I have some old panels which are only running in this mode

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Hello and welcome to PSG.

Let me first address the plugins or panels. Since you state this as a reason for running Ps with Rosetta.

Apple Rosetta mode is meant for older version plugin support for the newer Apple silicon chips. I assume you are using a newer Mac. The day has come when Rosetta will not work for some of those plugins when using the latest and current version of Ps. Those plugins are outdated and the developers need to update their software to be compatible with the native M1/M2 chips. I will assume that you are able to use your "panels" but you lose the use of your Liquify Tool. Also consider that while they may be working now, a Ps or Apple update may render them useless.

If you have purchased or are considering purchasing the latest Mac with an Apple silicon chip, then you are jeopardizing the old outdated plugins. One solution if you are dependent on the panels, is hopefully you still have your older desktop or laptop running intel and an older version of Ps whereby the panels would still work. This is not uncommon. I myself have 2 old Macs running older versions of Ps going back to CS6, because they weren't compatible with Ps updates.

The reason I mention this about plugins, is because it's not worth running Ps in Rosetta just to be able to use old plugins. Run your Ps 25.9 without Rosetta and the old plugins and you should not have any problems with your Liquify Tool. As far as your panels are concerned, you will have to wait for updates to your plugins to become available. As this is not a Mac or Ps issue, you should contact the developers to see if they are working on newer versions or have workarounds.

There may be some workarounds out there but I was not able to locate one specific to your issue. I'm still looking and hoping to find something that can help you! Lot's of stuff on the Remove Tool but nothing on the Liquify Tool! Edit: Try updating your Graphics Driver.