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Specific Straighten my photo


New Member
I have a photo of an Honour Board where the Honour Board is not rectangular (photo taken off centre) . Can someone freeform it to a rectangle for me ?

Honour Board - 1951 to 1985 (002).jpg
My goodness .... amazing Sam. Thankyou. And I'll be telling my 89 year old Mum about a kind and Photoshop talented friend from the internet who helped me.

Mum first went to the Ekka (the Royal Brisbane Show) in 1954 as a 19 year old.
In the following 65 years, up to 2019 she went to all Shows but 3. Those 3 were when she was pregnant with my brothers.
She went to the show 7 mths pregnant with me.
You'll see her here on the Board as Glen Warri (her stud name).
She's awesome as what she does.

If the goodwill extends that far I have another image that needs the same treatment + the lighting the lady took it in was appalling.
Could someone make this second one freeform and adjust the lighting to match the tone of the wood and gold print?

My plan is to get these framed and presented to her as a Mothers Day present. A little late but she knows I'm working on the images.

Many thanks

Honour Board - 1986 to 2022.JPEG
2 for 2 Sam. That is an amazing result from what you had to start with. Again . . . Many thanks. Mum will be so pleased.