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What do I miss here?


New Member
Hello, I have been trying to create a Small Planet effect using Photoshop.

I followed the tutorials from websites regarding this, and all of them basically do this:
1. Square the Image
2. Flip Image Vertically
3. Apply Polar Coordinates Filter (Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates)
4. Flip Image Vertically again.
5. Touch ups

I followed those steps and my result is bad compared to what my friend did.

He seems to have applied one more "filter" to the Image. The outer part of the planet seemed to be stretched.

I have attached two Images for comparison. Please take a look at the images below.

I asked him on how to do that, he ask me to figure it out myself and he says that it is simple. But I still cant figure them out.

I hope the gurus here could give me help on figuring out what is the last step to achieve the result identical to my friend's. :D

Here is the original image

Source 2.JPG

And below are my result and my friend's result.


The last comparison image was given by him to elaborate the difference between the two results.
The outer the color is, the thicker they are.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!
Hi JayVa, and welcome to the forum!

I hope this person is not a good friend.............

The trick is in the cropping.....

Before you square the image, crop out the bottom of the image and a little of the top.

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 8.40.34 AM.png

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 8.40.12 AM.png

Looks better even though I spent 1 min cleaning it up...
Hey IamSam,

Thank you, that did the trick!!

Thanks a lot, I can't wait to try that on other pics.

Thanks a LOT!
Hi again IamSam,

It seems that his method is different, his image seemed "Pinched" into the center.

Please take a look of the comparison image below.

I wonder what is the secret :s
result-2. copy.png
Ok, I think we're being tricked by the OP!!!!

This is a test by JayVa to see if we can figure out what he did here.

Well, I did figure it out............


Source 2_1.png

JayVa provides the clue to his secret in his last post! Thanks for the fun!
Hi IamSam

How did you do that? Please let me know.

I am not tricking anyone, why would I do that???

What is the secret to that?

Please tell me, Thank you
JayVa said:
I am not tricking anyone, why would I do that???

I don't know why you would, but I'm thoroughly convinced that you are! If I'm wrong then I apologize. I don't think that I am.

I was very suspicious when you claimed to have a mysterious friend who refuses to help you with this technique. Then you cleverly posted the SECRET in your post (#4). It was then that I realized you were playing us/me.

As I said, thanks, it was actually fun working this out! But the gig is up!