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Your photoshop boot up speed?


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I decided, now that I've got my new graphic card in and ready to rock socks, I'd time Photoshop's load up.

It loaded up in 2.46 seconds. pretty impressive for my standards, it doesn't take a lot to impress me though, I've been using slower computers *cough* college *cough* for so long that I've forgotten what speed actually is.

Photoshop Version: CS6 Extended

PC spec:
Windows 7 Professional N - 64 bit
AMD FX 6300 (@ 2.13ghz per core at point of loading)
8gb 1600Mhz RAM
500GB Western Digital Caviar Blue drive
AMD Radeon HD 7850 2gb (+2gb shared memory)

Background programs running:
Firefox: 5 tabs including two with Youtube.
PlayWithSix(Arma 2 Launcher)
CoreTemp (monitors current CPU temperature and clock rate)
Hamachi (networking tool)
Sony PC companion

Feel free to post your Photoshop boot up speed, along with the PC spec and what other programs were running.
I don't want this turning into a fantasy brag fest, so keep the times and the PC specs honest, we can't all have beast machines like Hoogle.

Also, state whether you were pleased with that boot up speed or not.

Like I said, easily pleased, but very happy with my new-ish pooter :) £350 well spent! :p


Photoshop Extended load time 2.48 seconds

Running Apps Firefox 3 tabs, background apps, to many in Task Manager to list :)
PC Spec

Computer Type PC/Desktop
System Manufacturer/Model Number Ankermann
OS Windows 8.1 Pro
CPU Intel 3rd Gen Icore7
Motherboard Asus P8B75-M
Memory 16 GB
Graphics Card Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 2GB
Sound Card Onboard
Monitor(s) Displays 2 Dell 22 inch LCD's
PSU 500 Watts
Main Hard Drive Crucial m4 2.5-inch SSD 120GB
Additional Drives I TB Western Digital 3 TB Western Digital
€800 well spent :)

Very pleased with the load time, mind you I'm just quite pleased with me PC overall


surely the best way to rate your speed is by extras each plugin, patterns brushes, extensions, actions and fonts installed.

clean install on my main pc is about 2 give or take a second lol

intel i7 4770k

120 GB kingston hyper X SSD for for windows 8.1 pro
60 GB Kingston hyper X SSD for just installed common programs I use adobe suit office and cinema 4d etc

1 TB hybrid drive about 940 GB useabe PCI

nvidia GTX 780 Ti Twin Fozr Graphics card

16 gbs Kingston hyper x ram

Asus z87 pro mainboard

but looking to improve cpu and mainboard configuration


about 6 second boot up

Asus ultrabook modded
windows 8.1 pro dual boot with Linux Ubuntu distribution
512 gb samsung Pro ssd
1 TB HGST secondary drive

16 gb ram

i7 etc etc

All though I have just got my hands on an i7 alienware 17 inch screen but that is to be resold on as to be honest I fnd it way to big and bulky and annoying with all the lights etc. just isnt as pretty.


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2 seconds is pretty fast tbh ! Using a sony vaio laptop with an I3 processor and 4gb of ram had for a couple of years takes about 10-15 to boot up works like a dream after tho and has done its job just fine so far. Cant wait upgrade to next month tho !


Having CS6 on my solid state drive, it loads up in about 2 seconds.. not really a reliable way to time it accurately.. so you can probably go +/- .3s on it :)