A portfolio is something that acts as a quick representation of your skills & creativity while appearing for a job in photoshop. Irrespective of whether you are applying for a position in photo editing or website designing, you need to have an exceptionally creative portfolio that can showcase your ideas & artwork & help you secure your job.

Remember that your CV is not always enough to indicate your skills to the employer, what you need is a real piece of your work. There are certain things that should necessarily be followed if you wish to make a career in photoshop.

Make it User Friendly
While preparing a portfolio of your work, make sure that it is user friendly meaning that it should be clear enough for the employer to get a gist of your work & experience. For any specific work or project that you may have done, write an explanation of just about 2-3 lines & avoid writing full-length stories.

Make it Targeted
It is not a good idea to carry the complete lot of your work to an interview & thereby waste the time & energy of an employer. A better option is to get a review of the type of work the company you are applying to does & then select the top 10 pieces of your work that can match up to theirs. These 10 pieces can be a combination of works that show your specialized skills & your talents & interests in general. Also, remember to carefully make your selections so as portray your knowledge of the changing trends in design while also acknowledging the old designing basics.

Add a Touch of You
Though there are certain standard rules for designing a portfolio, a slight touch of your uniqueness is always a welcome respite for the employers. In order to successfully stand out from the crowd, you need to add that X-factor to your portfolio. The idea is to leave something unique about you that the employer can remember out of the several other candidates who may be applying for the same post.

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