Instructions for Posting a Freelance Job (please read this first)

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Welcome and Thank You for bringing your needs here at PhotoshopGuru's FREELANCE DESIGN SERVICES SECTION. is in no way responsible for any transactions that take place in or outside this Forum.

You assume all responsibility for your transactions. Therefore we request that you read, understand and strictly adhere to our rules and regulations in order for you to enjoy a stress-free and productive forum experience as well as to ensure that this section may continue to offer the talents and services of our forum Member/Designers to future visitors to come. reserves the right not to accept project requests deemed frivolous or illegal in nature.


New job order threads will be automatically moderated and subject to approval by PSG staff.
This means that your new thread will not be publicly visible until the staff has an opportunity to review the request. We ask that you be patient with us during this process.

A stringent standard is required in order to become a QUALIFIED PhotoshopGurus Freelance Designer as outlined in our Rules for PSG Freelancers. Not only do these members display true design skills but are committed to our community, trustworthy to deal with your design needs and subject to the sanctions of the forum in the event they violate the forum's terms and agreement.

It is for these reasons why we insist that you deal with a Qualified PhotoshopGurus Freelance Designer ONLY .

They are required to respond with at least one post in your thread stating their interest in your job proposal before contacting you privately.

You may hold open discussion with them in your project thread for you to receive and oversee design submissions which may increase the chances of you finding a design that you like. Or you may deal with them in private through PM, E-mail or other means of communication.

Even though our prices are rock-bottom reasonable, it is helpful to consider how much this would cost you with a design agency or a career freelancer, and be considerate of how much time the forum member is working on your project.

As such, please do not ask for an unreasonable amount of revisions as this may incur extra costs on your part. The designer has the right to charge extra cost.

For the duration that your project is in the works, a Forum Moderator or Administrator may contact you from time to time to give you further assistance.

Please visit your thread from time to time. Keep members who have responded with posts or submissions to your thread updated with your thoughts, comments, or any changes you may require.

If we don't hear from you after 10 days, the thread may be locked. If you were away for longer than you expected or intended, we will re-open the thread for you. Simply Contact a forum Moderator by sending a PM message and request to re-open the thread.


Design proposals and artwork submissions (whether in-thread or via email ) are rendered and presented in low-resolution and with a required, security-feature WATERMARK. This will be removed on the FINAL ART version for delivery.

The FINAL ART rendition will be sent to you in the original high-resolution used in its creation upon the Designer receiving full payment for their services.

In no way are you allowed to request the designer to re-post or send you the Work In Progress design without the Watermark.


There are sanctions against doing potentially harmful or embarrassing manipulations, altering of legal documents or materials and plagiarizing copyrighted designs or images created by others. This applies not only to the Freelance Section but to the entire Forum in general..

All clients requesting this kind of job will need to have their posted images viewed and approved by a moderator. In some instances, the project offer will be disallowed and deleted or taken off-line pending further deliberation and decision from the Forum Management. These clients will be informed either in the thread or contacted via PM of its decision.


Once the project is completed, please Contact a forum Moderator or use the report button to inform us so that we may close the thread.

We also appreciate a visit at our
PSG Freelance Designer Reviews with a post from you telling us about your experience with the Designer. It’s good for all of us to know how we are doing.

Thank you for your compliance and cooperation with the above regulations.

Good luck and we wish you a productive experience here at Photoshop Gurus Forum.
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Complete Instructions for Posting a Freelance Job


  1. Thread Title
  2. What type of work is needed/Description? Logo Design, Banner Design, Retouching, Business Card Design, Corporate Identity Package, etc. Include any specific information that will help our freelancers know what you want, including images you would like incorporated, colors you prefer, type of business or usage if applicable, and so on.
  3. Payment and budget? This can be approximate or exact, be as specific as possible.
  4. Deadline or approximate time frame.

For our minimum price list scroll down or click here .

1) Thread Title

Do your best to describe in a few words what type of job you are posting in the thread title, and your approximate budget. Here are a few examples of good titles:

Logo Design Needed Paying $ _ _
Business Card Design Job $ _ _
Image Enhancement Job $ _ _
Photo Touch Up Job $ _ _

2) Description

In the post body give a detailed explanation of what work you need done. Please try to be as descriptive as possible when posting a job for our freelancers.

Rather than just saying "I need a logo,...." , give examples of what you like or provide sample images. Explain your business, the purpose -- sign, advertisement, website. Describe your color scheme or design style (formal, soft-edged, grunge, futuristic, 3D, etc.), and so forth.


*** If you post an image and it appears as "pending approval," please use the report button to bring staff attention to the approval of that attachment.

3) Payment and Budget

State your payment terms and a preferred mode of payment.


When the job is completed to your satisfaction, send payment by whatever method is agreed upon, generally via Pay Pal. After receiving payment, the designer will send the high resolution image or PSD file.

State your budget for the job.

4) Deadline or approximate Time Frame

Please state when you need the work completed. Be as specific as possible since timing can be subjective. Don't leave it open to interpretation.


Problems or Disputes

If a problem arises, please do your best to work it out with the designer. If you do not receive an answer right away, please allow up to 3 days to get a response. If you have an issue that you have tried to resolve with the freelancer and you have not had any luck, please Contact a forum Administrator or Moderator.

Thank you for bringing your needs to Photoshop Gurus.
Good luck with your project and we hope you find what you are looking for.
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Price List

Here is a list of minimum job prices.

Set your budget according to your needs and the level of detail you want in the work, as well as the complexity of the job. Discuss your proposition and budget with the freelancer(s).

If the type of work you require is not listed, you are welcome to request price suggestions. Design price quotes are subject to negotiation between client and freelancer.

Please do not be offended if in the event our Designers feel that your job proposal turns out to be more complex than what was originally outlined and that the initial suggested price or listed price be raised to cover the time and extra effort put into their services for taking on the complexities of your project.

PSG Freelance Designers are authorized to set their own price or wages which can be discussed during negotiation with client.

Prices Listed In US Dollars:


LOGO .............................. $50.00
3D model versions and render of the above, add $50.00
.00+ (prices varies depending on complexity)
BANNER .......................... $30
.00 - $50.00+ (prices varies depending on complexity)
FLYER ..............................$50.00
BUSINESS CARDS ........... $50
QUICK EDIT** ................ $15.00
BUSINESS PACKAGE* ..... starting price at $100
.00 *

* BASIC BUSINESS PACKAGE: LOGO, BUSINESS CARDS, FLYER (extras are subject to negotiation between client and freelancer)

** QUICK EDIT eg: remove background, change color of solid color field; other quick edits


EDIT/TOUCH UP ............. $30
ENHANCEMENT ............... $30
QUICK EDIT .................... $15
.00 *
MANIPULATIONS ............ $50
.00 per image (unless quick edit)
PHOTO RESTORATION .... starting price at $50
.00 **

* QUICK EDIT eg: change exposure or contrast; other quick edits.

** Subject to condition of original image and complexity of restoration.
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