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PSG Freelance Designer Reviews


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If you hired a freelancer on Photoshop Gurus, please post a review of the freelance designer as a reply to this thread after the work has been completed.

This will help other clients/buyers know about the reliability and quality of work they can expect from our Freelance Graphic Designers.

This is not the thread to work out problems. If you have any unresolved issues with the designer or the work received please work them out before posting here.

Thank you very much for choosing our services and have a nice day.
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Re: Freelancer Reviews

I hired Laurynnem‎ to create two simple vector banners. She completed it in several hours and was friendly and professional, making sure I was happy with the work. I would look forward to working with her in the future.
Re: Freelancer Reviews

If you are looking for someone to hire to create a unique and impressive web site logo I can highly recommend iNoob! He just did one for me and I love the results and the way he worked to make changes that I had asked of him.

Thank you iNoob for the time you spent in creating just the right logo for my web site.
Re: Freelancer Reviews

I worked with f5designstudio today on the logo and he was really easy to work with, and created exactly what I wanted. I easily recommend him to any one looking for a cool, creative logo!
Thanks f5 and photoshopguru!
Re: Freelancer Reviews

This review is for IClare. I asked for a special logo for a fundraiser. Clare created some great logos on her own without direction. After I had some ideas to completely redo the logo; she followed my lead and created an AWESOME logo for me and my car club. I am glad that we have started this relationship and i will be sure to contact her first for any other logo needs!
Re: Freelancer Reviews

Sprucemagoo1 did an amazing job for me. He's a real professional and really good at what he does. I couldn't be happier with the work he did. He was quick, efficient, and went above and beyond. He's even putting up with some trouble we ran into, but that is completely my fault and has nothing to do with his end.

Top notch work, I highly suggest him!
Re: Freelancer Reviews

f5designstudio did an incredible job for me. He has been creating 2 different Logo's for me over the past 3 weeks; I was fairly picky with the type of design I wanted, but he followed my lead and finished. Professional, Very easy to work with, always quick to reply and update with alterations and overall really great to work with. I highly recommend f5!
Thanks again :)
Re: Freelancer Reviews

I want to (highly) recommend agentmoeller for his help in photoshopping some artwork and photography - I presented Agent with a complication mission which he went out of his way to complete in time for my deadline - in fact he stayed up all night in order to complete the work which I had presented at very short notice. Agent was extremely good value for money, fantastic to deal with and I cannot recommend him highly enough. I will definitely be making use of his excellent Photoshop skills again in the future. Thanks agentmoeller!
Re: Freelancer Reviews

I hired iDad to help with a picture that needed some editing and resizing.. Did a fantastic job. I highly recommend him...
Re: Freelancer Reviews

I'm an art director and project leader by trade. With the industry being what it is, in the past few years it's been wise to find coders and production artist to work independently. After exhausting a few other sites and getting blanket BS quotes from Indian design firms, I turned to this site, Photoshop Guru's.

In April 2012, I posted a a request to produce a somewhat detailed logo and
Agent Moeller (Mike)
stepped up offering his services. I checked out his work and found it was in top notch and in the style I was looking for.

Mike stayed with the project offering his own input without being overbearing and yielded to customer requests without the usual insulted artist routine many graphic designers play. This is a business, and sadly artist integrity does in fact play a backseat to when customers have specific needs. Mike was keen to understand this and developed a great logo that utilized his talent to the fullest. The final design took some back and forth without any angst. AND and I can't stress enough, he created a logo that both demonstrated his aptitude while not compromising the customers vision.

For anyone looking to find an artist that has both exceptional skills in the raw illustration arena and stays on the project from beginning to end to get the job done right, Mike is your man.

I would turn to Mike again for future work.

Lars H
Re: Freelancer Reviews

I hired JMark to change the colors/ customize a truck so i could get an idea of what mine would look like.
I posted the add and he had it done within half a day.
He did an awesome job and i look forward to hiring him to help me again in the future! Id recommend him to anyone that needed photoshop work done.
Re: Freelancer Reviews

Jmark performed an object removal in a photo for me. Very quick response and turnaround. Highly recommended.
Re: Freelancer Reviews

Jmark created a logo for my new company; highly recommended! Beautiful work. Thank you very much!