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PSG Freelance Designer Reviews

Re: Freelancer Reviews

I contracted with JMark to Edit a Photo that would be used for a Book Cover. He was very efficient and effective. He responded promptly and was very professional. I would use him again. Thank You J.
Re: Freelancer Reviews

I hired Dominic of vco-restorations.com and just wanted to say - Dominic is so talented, he made a real ugly guy look good and he worked till 3am to meet a deadline on short notice! Completely satisfied with his work and will recommended him to anyone who needs photo retouching.
Re: Freelancer Reviews

Just an update. I also hired Chris Hall in addition to Dominic for photo editing work. Chris Hall is also very talented and I can recommend both artists. Both worked on a tight deadline and on short notice. Both had remarkable communication, which was very important in my case.
Re: Freelancer Reviews

Jmark created the perfect banner for my website. His work was done very quickly, which is an indication of how well he knows Photoshop. He was very willing to accommodate my numerous requests to see different versions of the work; always polite, friendly and patient.

I have an ongoing project with my current website and won’t hesitate t o return for his services again.
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Big thanks to [highlight]Inkz[/highlight] for creating an brilliant logo for our company. Talented, creative, listens to everything you need and fast! (But not too fast so you know the job is done right!). He stuck by me with every single change / addition I wanted to make and it was exactly as I envisioned it for the overall result. Would highly recommend Inkz to anyone looking for a logo and/or any other work. Pleasure to work with. Thank you.

Link to post thread: Request - LOGO - Computer Company - $$.

I'd like to say another special thanks to [highlight]f5designstudio[/highlight]. Your designs were awe inspiring. Spoke with f5 on Skype and discussed ideas and without even mentioning what I'd like, he had several samples prepared. Very original. Would recommend f5 also for uniqueness. Thank you.
Inkz designed a logo for a small business I'm volunteering at. It turned out perfectly and took only a day to finalize the logo!

Inkz willingly made 6-8 changes for me in a snap until we perfected it to the owner's liking.

Great quality and great price. Inkz all the way!!!
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I needed some photo manipulation in a hurry and Inkz had it done within about an hour of first contact!
He made it just how I wanted too! I own a small business so I will definitely use again.
Hired Inkz to do a very important photoshop for an anniversary present to my wife which was a picture of my wife kissing her recently passed mother. I must say wow! This guy is good! I'm very pleased with the work and anybody looking for someone who is easy to work with an knows what he's doing, get ahold of Inkz. Thanks again Inkz!!

I hired Stufflol to create a complex 3D render from a Solidworks drawing. He did great work, was flexible and very creative when adding details not included in the Solidworks drawing, and he gave me an end product for our website that is key to our company's marketing strategy. He was able to combine artistic and technical expertise in a way that worked perfectly for this product. I am very grateful and I will be sure to use him again. Marian
I had a logo done by Crotale and was very pleased with it, went through a couple revisions and worked with the changes I wanted. thanks
Just got work done by Hawkeye. Excellent work-fast, quick communication and very professional. I'm very satisfied with the PS work and would recommend in a heartbeat!!!
Mr. Tom did a picture for me and it looks great. Very pleased with the quality and fast turnaround. I would wholeheartedly recommend his work!!!
I finally got Gohan 2091 to do some work for me. Very nice work. Easy communication, speedy service and easy to communicate with. I'm very happy with these results and would most certainly recommend him for your PS needs.
Just got some templates done by MrTom. He went "ABOVE and BEYOND" the call of duty for this. Took a template that was so low quality, worked his magic, and turned it around into almost perfection! Even found a font that I've been looking around for awhile now.

I couldn't recommend MrTom enough if you need something done in PS. Don't think about it... do it NOW! :)
Lee (Seaco) did an absolutely amazing job with my avatar idea. Service was prompt, and he was patient when I asked if I could delay the transaction until I got paid myself so I could pay him. He took the simultaneously vague yet specific idea I had and made it exactly as I saw it in my crazy, crazy head. Highly recommend him for anyone with similar ideas or visions, sane or not-so-sane.
Me again! This time it's to sing the praise of MrTom, for he is the artist who took upon himself the job of my banner to go along with the avatar Seaco created. It's absolutely stellar work, and definitely makes my channel much prettier to look at. He was just as patient with my payment, and put a lot of work into test rendering, 3D modeling, and image sizing. What's more, it work with the avatar exactly as I wanted it too, with perfect contrast.

Their glorious artwork can be seen working in tandem here, for anyone who'd like an example of their prowess.
I had a wonderful logo designed by iDesign for an internet start-up company. Graphic design is not my forte; so naturally the ideas I had in mind were fluffy clouds, network cables and a bunch of 1s and 0s incorporated into the logo. Instead of spending hours designing a logo based off my ideas, only to have me hate it (because there would be too much going on in it); they explained in great detail what would work and what wouldn't. Even went out of their way to see what my ideas would look like all combined in the one logo.

The end result is now a simplified logo that looks great on any background and/or canvas size; it stand outs from the rest; looks and feels very professional. Logo here.

If you are looking for a designer that is highly creative, very responsive to your ideas and has a remarkable professional attitude; I absolutely recommend iDesign! A++