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Instructions for Posting a Paid Photoshop Request (Buyers please read before posting)

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Welcome and Thank You for bringing your needs to PhotoshopGurus

This is a forum where you can post a Photoshop request and offer a paid reward to another forum user for helping you. PhotoshopGurus is in no way responsible for any transactions that take place between users, in or outside this forum. You assume all responsibility for your transactions, therefore we request that you read, understand and adhere to our rules for you to enjoy a stress-free and productive forum experience.

You can upload images up to 5000px x 3500px. Maximum file size of 32000kb (32mb) or less. You may use an offsite image host if images are too large to be uploaded.
If you require privacy do not upload images. If privacy is not a consideration, upload images directly to your request thread.
Once started, a request thread or posted images within the thread will not be deleted if the thread has received responses from freelancers.

Please include the following information when Posting a Paid Photoshop Request
  1. Thread Title. Do your best to describe in a few words what type of job you are posting in the thread title, and your approximate budget. Remember, the posted budget is only an approximation and subject to negotiation. Here are a few examples of good titles
    1. Logo Design for Car Repair Shop $ _ _
    2. Business Card Design for Accountant $ _ _
    3. Image Enhancement $ _ _
    4. Photo Touch Up $ _ _
  2. Description. Give a detailed explanation of what work you need done. Please be as descriptive as possible! Include any specific information that will help our freelancers know what you want, including images you would like incorporated, colors you prefer, type of business or usage if applicable, and so on. Give examples of what you like or provide sample images if possible. The more information you include here the better.
  3. Payment and budget. This can be approximate or exact, be as specific as possible. State the payment method you prefer to use, for example PayPal, Bitcoin, Venmo, etc.
  4. Deadline or approximate time frame. Please state when you need the work completed. Be as specific as possible since timing can be subjective. Don't leave it open to interpretation.
  5. Privacy considerations, if any. If you would like the images for our job kept private and not posted to the forum publicly, please state this in your job description. Otherwise, it is assumed that design submissions may be posted to your thread for consideration.
What to expect before and after posting a Paid Request
  • If you desire privacy, state this and do not post images within the thread. If privacy is not a consideration, then post your images. Watermarked edits will be added to your request thread.
  • If images are not posted, members who are interested in your job are required to post an edit or a "reply of interest" in your thread. After posting a reply in your thread, users are allowed to contact you privately.
  • You may hold open discussion in your project thread during the design process, which may increase the chances of you finding a design that you like. You may also choose to deal with designers in private if you wish.
  • You will receive watermarked design submissions as a security measure during the design process. Watermarks will be removed in the final design version for delivery.
  • Revisions may be requested from designers, within reason, until you are happy with the design. Please be aware that requesting an unreasonable amount of revisions or changing your mind about a project after design work has already been done to your specifications may cause the price you pay to go up. Please have a clear idea what you want at the start, and be reasonable with revision requests.
  • When the job is completed to your satisfaction, send payment to the designer by whatever method is agreed upon, generally via PayPal. After receiving payment, the designer will send the high resolution un-watermarked PSD file or whatever deliverable format you have requested.
  • You must report in the request thread that the project has been completed.
Please visit your thread from time to time. Keep members who have responded with posts or submissions to your thread updated with your thoughts, comments, or any changes you may require.

If we don't hear from you after 10 days, the thread may be locked. If you were away for longer than you expected or intended, we will re-open the thread for you. Simply Contact a forum Moderator or by sending a private message and request to re-open the thread.

Once a project is completed and closed, you must post a new request for additional work.

We also appreciate a visit at our PSG Freelance Designer Reviews with a post from you telling us about your experience with the Designer. It’s good for all of us to know how we are doing.

Problems or Disputes

If a problem arises, please do your best to work it out with the designer. If you do not receive an answer right away, please allow up to 3 days to get a response. If you have an issue that you have tried to resolve with the freelancer and you have not had any luck, please Contact a forum Administrator or Moderator.

Good luck with your project and we hope you find what you are looking for!
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