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Recent content by Annacanada

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    Spooky eyes, please.

    I dont know if this is too much of a request. If so, please excuse it as I do appreciate help you give on this site. I understand if not possible. This is a photo of a night sky. Where I placed the green circles, I have been trying (with no success) to blend in a pair of spooky
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    Need help for father's birthday

    THANK YOU !! This is exactly what I was hoping for. Perfect. You even corrected my unsuccessful attempt This means so much to us and we're all smiling. You have made our day. thanks again, Marie
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    Need help for father's birthday

    What a godsend it is finding this site. Some assistance would be so appreciated If possible could someone please take the patch and put it on the front of my fathers old scout shirt. I keep trying but I cant size or crop it properly. I messed up and posted it above the shirt and cant...