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Spooky eyes, please.


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I dont know if this is too much of a request. If so, please excuse it as I do appreciate help you give on this site. I understand if not possible.

This is a photo of a night sky. Where I placed the green circles, I have been trying (with no success) to blend in a pair of spooky eyes...like those of a cat, wolf or monster. I would like them slightly softened by thr mist and not boldly sticking out. An eerie, spooky look as if a creature was secretly peering out at us. When I do it they look more like 'stickers'.:rolleyes:

There are 'spooky eyes' when I google images but not sure what ones may be easier for someone to work with.

This is for a Girl Guide event and we all thank you.

Is something like this what you have in mind? I grabbed a 'spooky eye' image from Google (first attachment) and pasted it in a new layer over your night sky. Then I experimented with layer blend modes---trying every available blend mode---until I found one I liked. In this case I chose Exclusion, but Screen was also pretty good. I also used a layer mask to get rid of any sharp edges from the spooky-eye image. Once you've settled on a blend mode, you can also reduce the layer opacity if you want.


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