1. D


    Couldnt sleep last night...
  2. A

    Spooky eyes, please.

    I dont know if this is too much of a request. If so, please excuse it as I do appreciate help you give on this site. I understand if not possible. This is a photo of a night sky. Where I placed the green circles, I have been trying (with no success) to blend in a pair of spooky
  3. D

    Please help ! Can someone photoshop some ram horns and pangolin scales on an otter?

    :help::bangdesk::help: 1. Ram horns on the mother's head and also the baby's head. 2. Ram horns on the head and pangolin scales on the back
  4. Paul

    I supply the before

    You create the after. Before: Remove the mesh and set this wonderful creature free.