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  1. R

    Specific Fix eyes

    Hi, I was in the Nightclub and they were taking a photo and my dumbass was looking at the flash instead of lense. But anyway. Can someone change this and make my eyes face towards the ‘lense’ to get the photo to make sense again. Me is on the left by the way. Thankyou in advance!!
  2. K2SmokeAllDat

    Specific (Specific) Green Eyes and Piercing

    Can someone remove the nose piercing from my nose and make my eyes look naturally green? Thank you!
  3. S

    Paid Closed eyes in picture

    I have my eyes closed (the girl without glasses) in a picture and I would like them to be open! $5,00 Here some pictures of my eyes:
  4. M

    Specific Could someone change the direction of the look?

    I would love the eyes of my friend to be looking like right "in the camera" - thanks a lot!
  5. EchoTheGecko

    Specific Change cat’s eye color from green to blue

    I would do this myself, but sadly I’m on vacation and away from my pc, so I’d appreciate it if anyone could do this quickly for me. Quickly change the cat’s eye color from the pale green it currently is to a frosty blue color, please try to make it look realistic! Change this cat’s eye color...
  6. notthatbro

    Specific Open his eyes

    Hi, can someone please open my friends eyes in this picture? I added 2 reference photos so you can get an idea of his eyecolor. Please help and thank you
  7. H

    art picture eyes color change

    Hello guys,is it possible to change the eyes on the picture to blue and the brown background down if can be made the same as the one above,so there be no circled line or edit it in a way you feel it will be the best.Thank you and cheers.
  8. Q

    Colouring - Grand Admiral Thrawn

    Hello, I'd like to share with you a little backstory to my request. Few days ago a friend of mine learned about my favourite Star Wars character, which is Grand Admiral Thrawn. Upon sending her my photo(1) she started to wonder how would i look as a possible cosplayer and if i could be a good...
  9. X

    Fix eyes on a image (very quick&easy)

    Hello everyone, I made a fairly good picture of me, the thing is one of my eyes is a bit squinting. I've tried to fix it my self but I just cant make it look straight towards the camera. You probably just have to move the pupil and the light reflection in it. As this is a fairly quick and easy...
  10. Y

    Two photos into One?

    Hello Gurus, I have a "chore" to do. I am not even sure of the correct terminology for this so it is hard to search. In short, I have two pictures of my daughter and her friends; in one her eyes are closed, in the other, her friends' eyes are closed (I had no idea teenagers blinked so much!). I...
  11. LemonLuuk

    Any tips and tricks for my artworks?

    I'm kinda struggling with making eyes as realistic as possible WITHOUT a drawing tablet. Because they are pretty expensive for me. So, here my question: Does anyone have any tips or tricks to improve the eyes?
  12. A

    Corrupted by Umbrella corp

    Hello! I was wondering if someone could take either of the pictures of Alycia Debnam Carey and place the Umbrella Corporation logo over her eyes so that it looks like the Umbrella logo itself are her actual eyes? If the three pictures of Alycia are not good enough then feel free to search the...
  13. A


    Hello! I was wondering if someone could add a glitch type of effect to the picture, please? Or, as an alternative, you could try adding a glitch effect into the photo below instead and make the eyes (including the whites) black? Thanks in advance!
  14. A

    Spooky eyes, please.

    I dont know if this is too much of a request. If so, please excuse it as I do appreciate help you give on this site. I understand if not possible. This is a photo of a night sky. Where I placed the green circles, I have been trying (with no success) to blend in a pair of spooky
  15. T

    Closed eyes

    Hello guys As you can see my eyes are half-closed on this picture. I feel like this ruined the pic. Can someone fix this problem please?
  16. F

    Photoshopping my eyes so they look less beady.

    Hey there, Could someone please photoshop this photo of me (glasses) with Tim Farron so that my eyes look less small, creepy and beady? I've also attached a reference image of how I normally look, in case you need to know what my eyes look like :) Sorry about the orientation :) Thanks! Felix
  17. S

    My gf

    hey guys I found this sweet picture of my girlfriend, could anyone photoshop lazers shooting out of her eyes?
  18. Eggy

    3D First test project in Blender

    First :shocked: my, my... Just to let you folks now I'm still alive and kicking but I had two hard days in my first steps in Blender... I was fed up with using cubes and globes and the rest of the presets so I tried something a bit more challenging. Here's the result. Still a lot of...
  19. C

    New here :)

    Hello new here, And new to photoshop. I have not long purchased photoshop elements 15 and just after some what I think might be very minor photoshop skills :) I'm guessing some of you guys could do with your eyes closed...:), But for me I'm finding very difficult :banghead:. Anyways names Curtis...
  20. S

    Put dreads on top of these eyes

    Can someone put some vector black dreads on top of these eyes. i attached the pic of someone with dreads, that's the style i want it but in a front view with the hair coming down to that sort of length. make sure you get the hair line like the person in the picture. The dreads don't have to be...