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Fix eyes on a image (very quick&easy)

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Hello everyone,

I made a fairly good picture of me, the thing is one of my eyes is a bit squinting. I've tried to fix it my self but I just cant make it look straight towards the camera. You probably just have to move the pupil and the light reflection in it.

As this is a fairly quick and easy job, I'd appreciate someone doing it cheap. However as I do respect the pure fact that someone does something for me, I'll pay a small amount of money (<4$/?) via PayPal upon the successful completion of this job. This means you may have to try 1-3 times until I'm happy.

Also its a personal image and I do not want you to redistribute it. That means that you may edit it, but the only 2 human that will see this image are you and me. So you may not add it to your portfolio or show it someone else. I'm concerned about privacy, so I want you to be legit and serious. If you have some sort of proof that you are a trustful and serious person (such as a website) it would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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