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  1. K

    Specific Lazy eye in my NASA pictures

    Hi y'all, I got some nice headshot photo taken at work last week, but for the first time ever I noticed bad lazy eye! I actually tried the photoshoot twice in the hopes it would go away, but it didn't. I'm really proud of having the flags in the background but the lazy eye kills it for me, ha...
  2. I

    Senior Pics

    Please get rid of the two sun glare dots. One next to the shoulder and one next to the eye. Thanks!
  3. X

    Fix eyes on a image (very quick&easy)

    Hello everyone, I made a fairly good picture of me, the thing is one of my eyes is a bit squinting. I've tried to fix it my self but I just cant make it look straight towards the camera. You probably just have to move the pupil and the light reflection in it. As this is a fairly quick and easy...
  4. J

    SOS Man needs shirt

    Hey all, I'm wondering if someone can Photoshop out my husband's belly by making his shirt appear longer. Also, I have some serious red eye going on... Could that be fixed too? Thanks for the help!!
  5. M

    red eye request

    Can someone photoshop my eyes to a normal brown colour instead of red? Also, beneath my right eye there's a red spot. It looks like I've been fighting :cheesygrin: Can someone edit this? Optional: the picture is in low quality, if there's a way to make it look better, go ahead Thanks!
  6. Y

    Headshot photoshop request

    Hi all Just discovered this forum. I recently took a headshot for work purposes, but noticed I had one incredibly lazy eye. Is there someone on this forum that could help me fix it? Minor adjustments like some more glow/tan or fuller beard would also help, but it's not really that much needed...
  7. A

    The Darkness Beneath

    Hello! I was wondering if someone could cut the shadow figure out of its photo, place it inside the eye and fade it slightly so that it looks like the figure is looking through the eye like one would through glass? Thanks in advance!
  8. B

    Human Eye Relative Absorption Equliser

    Hi, I'm new here, I'm a neuroscience student learning about the eye with only some hobby experience in Photoshop. I don't know if anyone has ever seen the graph below (credit to Neuroscience 5th Ed. Purves), but I'd like to make and apply a filter (just out of curiosity) that compensates and for...
  9. T


    Give me your ideas :) (In the attached thumbnail there is my personal signature but I didn't know how to remove it :lol: )
  10. T


    Hi Guru's, I've just signed up today. Started learning Photoshop 18 months ago after a 20 year career in law I switched and began taking work from a newborn and child photographer this year (composites), and in the last few months I've been working mainly on restorations. Whilst I have an...
  11. S

    Remove the cigeratte, please.

    Hey, Can somebody remove the cigarette in her mouth please? I will do the rest, but if you want, go ahead and remove the orange weird thing at the eye. Thanks!
  12. N

    Can someone please fix my right eye from looking crosseyed please?

    g fads Can someone please fix my right eye from looking crosseyed please?
  13. K

    Quick saving images in sequence in CS6?

    Hi there! Not a Photoshop newb per se, but not very experienced either. I've been having fun making stop motion animations with Photoshop by editing images piece by piece (like cutting out and eye, replace it with another eye, moving a foot a bit, add a kangaroo etc), saving the images image...
  14. P

    Someone please help!

    Hi! I'm wondering if there is someone that can get rid of what appears to be a black eye under my right eye. Greatly appreciated!
  15. P

    How to imitate this effect or change color?

    Hi. Can someone help me with something? I have two pictures (they are anime eyes). The blue one has a certain effect on it, like a slight blur and darker top half, kind of like a gradient. Can someone help me duplicate the effect of the blue eye onto the pink eye? I tried changing the hue of the...
  16. M

    please edit the eyes in this photo

    hi, please would someone be able to fix this photo for me by sorting out the white/yellow eye problems etc, I can't use photoshop. Thanks
  17. O

    Remove eye bags

    Can someone remove the bags under my eyes? Thank you!
  18. C

    Need this done for me

    I want the peace sign/hand over face so that peace sign is over my eye. NOTE FROM MODERATOR: Please don't remove the original request and replace it with other text (eg, "solved"). Doing this makes the thread nearly impossible to understand for anyone who comes upon it after you made that change.
  19. P

    Small job

    Sorry I only have $10 but should be quick job. Is it possible to do something with the background and the tear stain around her eye?
  20. J

    Eye of smoke.

    Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum but besides that I wanted to share this work I created around 2 days ago. I've been messing about with some smoke brushes and I finally found some that I liked. I managed to make it into a circleish form and I just created some "smoke" going out of that...