1. T

    How to recreate this effect?

    Hi there, I'm new to this forum - I've used Photoshop for a while but I'm a bit stuck on this one. I really want to recreate this effect used on the players sketch, with the colour + black and white, but I'm a bit stuck. I've tried using filters on Photoshop but they're not having the same...
  2. O

    Channels - layers not showing up in channels

    Hi everyone. I am trying this tutorial in Photoshop. But got stuck at 11:20 as my channels only reflect my RGB, RED, Green and Blue. What am I doing wrong? Thanking you in advance Regards
  3. M

    Specific Tongue removal

    Could someone pretty pretty please remove my tongue from this photo and make it look like I am smiling?
  4. T

    Hello PS Guru Community - Young man from the West full of Q's

    First off I would like to thank the PS Guru community for having such an open and welcoming community. I have been Lurking in the shadows for a few weeks, trying to make use of such an amazing resource. A million questions have been asked and the answers are usually full and complete. The time...
  5. K

    Help me out?

    Hello, I would like to edit photos on a bit higher level and no matter how hard I try, I just can't get it right. I've found these pictures, one is raw and one is edited. Could anybody please explain me how do I edit the photo to get that result?
  6. M

    Specific Remove Photographer's shadows

    Hi! I got a really nice photo on vacation, but unfortunately the photographer's shadow is still in it :/. If anyone could remove the shadows on the pier fence and wooden dock (on the left) that would be great!
  7. A

    Specific Removal of side table

    Hey guys, I want to request the removal of the side table with mirror on top and the candles on it. If this could be executed it would be awesome and muchly appreciated! Thank you 😀
  8. danijel123321

    Anyone prof. in photoshop, I need so many advices

    So guys I’m new to Photoshop, I want to learn as much as I can and I need advices from you, If you are professional hop in! So I want to ask how much years actually require of hard work to be professional in photoshop to know something like from this video, there are so much videos on youtube...
  9. T

    vector for image

    Hi, how are you? I'm new here and I started using Illustrator and Photoshop for a project, it happens that when I create the logo in Illustrator when I get the logo selected in Illustrator and I send it to PS it simply loses its quality a lot, what can I do to solve it? problem ? ps: The...
  10. R

    Help! Animated GIF on Google Ads.

    Hello Everyone, I had this error when attempting to upload the ads. "We've detected strobing or Flashing effects. Make sure the frame rate of your ad is less than 5 FPS for GIFs. Learn more" I am a newbie on this Google Ads but I did followed the guidelines and requirements. Made the animation...
  11. S

    Exporting Actions from a PC to a Mac... help please!

    Hello Photoshop world... hoping for a little help please! My co-worker exported a list of photoshop actions from his PC and I now have them on my Mac- they are showing up anyways so I know I put them in the correct folder. But they are not doing what they are supposed to. One action- for...
  12. S

    Glitch effect help

    Hello! I am quite new to photoshop and have been experimenting with many glitching techniques over the past few weeks for my art gcse... I recently came upon a photograph and cannot figure out how to edit a photograph like this... could someone pls give me some tips for those multi coloured...
  13. L

    Specific Could someone please fix my tie?

    my tie is flipped up and i need it to be straight, thank you!
  14. F

    Tips on how to create this effect

    Hello everyone and good day to you! I am fairly new to these forums so I will be blunt -- I'd need some help on recreating something similar to to this but with another portrait: So yeah my specific questions are how to create the background from scratch (or make it otherwise) and how to...
  15. M

    Specific Can someone photoshop my friends?

    Would it be possible to to photoshop the girl with the dark hair and orange shirt into the background only that the ginger girl Is in? So, to remove the ginger girl from her background and insert the dark haired girl. And then the opposite, photoshop the ginger girl into the background only with...
  16. lucarapisardaphoto

    Post Processing Medium Format Film Color Toning?

    hello everyone, i have been trying to recreate the colors and tones of the following images (taken on 120 film) on my digital files on Photoshop but i have been unsuccessful. does anyone have any tips on how to get this kind of look? (colors, contrast)
  17. richardrosenman

    Electra v1.0 officially released.

    Hi gang; I've finally released my latest commercial plugin called Electra. Electra is a powerful Photoshop plugin for generating electric rays, lightning bolts, electrical charges, power currents and much more. Electra is fast, packs a rich feature-set and is fully-integrated within Adobe...
  18. Ross

    Reverse Engineer Anyone's Color Grade in Photoshop

    All you need to do is 'degrade' the source image using the curves adjustment layer, and then duplicate that curves layer, but invert the input/output numbers of the points created. It's all outlined better in the video below!
  19. B

    Question about cutting face from an image

    Hello, I am trying to cut out Arnold’s face and put it on a transparent background. Please see the images I want to put a different quote and then print this on a white mug. It’s a gift. I don’t want face to be surrounded with the black line since it will become apparent on the white mug. Can...
  20. E

    Weird Pixelated Lines When Zoomed In or Out.

    I have no clue why this is happening. I can't seem to find help anywhere else. I'm fairly new to Photoshop and Paintool Sai never did this. My settings for the file are at 2000x2000 at 300 Pixels/Inch. This problem happens no matter the size though. My guess is a graphics problem. I have a...