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  1. M

    Specific Please cover my cleavage.😭

    I wanted to post this picture on social media but I don’t want my family members, church members, and my boyfriend’s friends to see my cleavage. Thank you so much in advance! 😊
  2. H

    Specific Replace body and arms

    I would like to have my body and arms here replace the body and arms below, because I look rigid and strong in the good one and collapsing and unstable in the second one. The torso (body) position is similar so maybe only the arms need to be replaced, and only the right arm at that.
  3. M

    Specific Remove people

    hello please remove the girl on the left in white and the people behind. tysm!!!
  4. H

    Specific Brighten the face.

    If I brighten the pic the whole thing brightens up. s
  5. E

    How to paint a 3d model in photoshop

    Hello everyone, How can I overpaint the 3d rendered model as seen in the pictures? How should I set the layer settings? I would be glad if anyone can explain to me how I can do this for myself.
  6. L

    Paid Face and body improvements

    Hay guys! I have this photo of me dancing, I would like to make the body of the girl next to me to look skinnier and smoother - her arm and body, and for my face, if you can make my jaw line look sharper and slime and my beard like look cleaner in the cheek so I could upload it, thank you all!
  7. E

    Specific Matching Kilts!

    Hi, Scottish wedding photoshop, can someone photoshop guy on the rights Kilt to match the other 3? My uncle wasnt able to get a matching kilt and my wedding is someone able to photoshop his to match the rest of us? Would mean a lot to him Thanks
  8. J

    Retouch Remove the tongue

    Can someone remove the tongue in the first image please and place it with a closed smile like the second reference photo?
  9. R

    Layer masks and photo filters

    Having trouble with using layer masks and photo filters to emulate specific paint colors on a photo of my house. I have been struggling with how to simulate different paint colors on a photograph of my house in Photoshop. I am able define a layer mask with a selection, and apply a color with...
  10. ashh1512

    Specific Photoshop person in

    Can someone photoshop the girl with glasses into the picture with two people? Thanks !
  11. J

    Struggling with text effect.

    I've been struggling a bit with this text effect. Did anyone know any tips to create something similar? The first one is the one I want to re-create The second one is my attempt create the effect Would love to get some help here!
  12. T

    Paid Merge pictures

    I need the man playing the accordion photoshopped over the man with the laptop. I need the background of the picture of the man with the laptop and the man with the headphones to stay.
  13. bloomy

    Specific Add a reflection onto the water to the [as] text in this photo.

    Much appreciated for anything you can do. I tried some stuff with this but was never good at water reflection.
  14. bloomy

    Some of my work - could use tips

    Some stuff I've done. I always struggle with shadows, lighting, and reflection. I'd love some tips. I use Affinity Photo. Also, all photos I use from getting the photo to adding to it is from Unsplash. Shadow of the guy in the first photo could use some work In the second photo, the spaceman in...

    Paid Photoshop - Recreate letters in Image

    Dec 14, 2022 Hello! I need a job in Photoshop and to be delivered in PSD format transparent. I only need the basketball, fire effect and replacing NBA JAM with A.M. VTG NBA: A.M JAM: VTG Attached image file in winzip. (please choose the best image to work on it). For this project I would...
  16. sherlockhoelmes

    Specific Making my picture look better.

    Heyo Hoping for quicker responses: Making my aunt's picture look better before her birthday. Alright, my aunt's birthday in a few days and I'm thinking of getting this picture of hers framed/engraved on wood, etc etc. BUT the problem is that its not that good in quality since I saved it by...
  17. Aigona

    Specific Buckground for a car photo

    Hi! I need find best related buckground for this car, it should looks like real commercial. Or where can I find them? Thanks in advance!
  18. S

    Specific Edit bottle out of back pocket?

    Hi, could someone photoshop that bottle in my back pocket?
  19. Dis_zz

    How to change stains/difference on a wooden board into a solid color

    Hi Guys, look please at my example. As You can see the wooden board has a difference in painting between the top and bottom sides. You can see there are actually lacquer stains. What is the best way to improve/change these stains into solid painting color? Any recommendations are welcome and...
  20. C

    Specific Face swap

    I need face swap face change done. This face of this man to be on picture with pregnant woman. I added 2 photos of face for better choosing and results. Thank you. 😊