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    How to make design to have realistic woven/knitted effect?

    Hi everyone, I would like to turn any design in a way that it looks woven/knitted exactly like this image below: As you can see, there is a knitted effect on top and the design itself looks kind of...distorted or pixelated? I don't really know the exact word to describe it. But I did attempt...
  2. C

    Has this photo been altered

    Hi, Abit of background. My friend had a one night stand with a girl who said she is on contraception and is now claiming she wasnt and the girl is claiming she is pregnant, she is demanding money and he is very worried, there are alot of things that dont add up thought. I think the photo looks...
  3. R

    Retouch Remove the drawing on the sweatshirt

    Hello ! Today was the day of the official picture at my company. I am wearing a sweatshirt but I would like to remove the draw on it, so I can use it on my professional platforms! Thanks for all the help you can provide to me 😊 PS : Still love Harry Potter tho 😁
  4. Z

    How to create this Font effect

    I wanted to add this exactly same font to my gif in photoshop but Im just a newbie. I need to know how to do this effect so I can write what I want. This is the pic and the font effect I want.
  5. E

    Paid In the hospital bed (head with bandages)

    Hi, need a few pictures of me in a hospital bed, with the hospital gown, feeding tube and bandages over my head. Need to ensure it looks legit, will be looked at carefully before the payment. Please feel free to drop in a message. Need it in the next 12 hours.
  6. R

    Happy family reunion 😃

    Has this photo been manipulated in your opinion?
  7. P

    Specific Continue the tunnnel

    Is there anyone who make this picture look like the blue strings continue on like a tunnel of infinity? ty you and have a great day!
  8. A

    Specific Remove mask

    Is anyone able to remove the mask from this photo, while still leaving a defined chin/neck area?!
  9. U

    Specific Tune Squad Edit #74

    I wanted this logo for my basketball rec team at my medical school. I need it to say "BrickSquad". I just cannot seem to get it done myself. I would really appreciate if someone could edit this for me!
  10. M

    Hue saturation

    Hello everyone , Please can you explain to me why there isn't some other colors at hue saturation with we can manipulate an image like gray , black , white and others because i have one image here of sneakers their color is gray and i can't change it with hue only i change the color of the part...
  11. K

    Paid Need carpet photoshopped into 5 pictures

    Hello! We have a rental that we are finishing up, but our carpet installers have been delayed. I would like to get carpet photoshopped into the bedrooms, hallway and the stairway so I can post some photos and begin reviewing applicants, sooner rather than later as carpets are pushed another...
  12. D


    Couldnt sleep last night...
  13. A

    Specific Space Jam Logo Edit #24

    Hi there! Would anyone be able to edit the Space Jam Logo to say “Space Gem” with the same font and color? I’ve tried with no luck. I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance.
  14. L

    Photoshop and Bridge Scripts posted

    Hi! I'm a working pro photographer and part-time coder and have written a number of utility scripts and demos for Bridge and Photoshop. I have uploaded a collection of these tools to my Dropbox. The latest version of my Script Utility Pack for Bridge is there as well. These scripts are open...
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    Specific Long distance couple want photo together please :)

    Hey not sure how this works but i'm looking for help with photoshopping a photo, could someone put me and my boyfriend in a picture together? We are in a long distance relationship and I wanted to give him a photo of us together for his birthday in a few days. If you could please help I suck...
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    Specific Can anyone Photoshop a name?

    Can anyone Photoshop this name on this girls chest?
  17. C

    Specific Space Jam Logo Edit #23

    Could someone please make the space in the Space Jam logo to say 'Carmelo’ with the same font and gradient color?
  18. S

    How to undo this effect

    Could anyone please tell me how to undo the effect from this photo? Not asking for the watermark to be removed. I am asking for the effect that's on the dress which is making it look like it's painted.
  19. M

    Specific Remove person behind me in the background

    Hi everyone! I would like to have removed the person in the bright red shirt right behind me. I've been trying to retouch the photo on my own but it was so hard to clone and fix the ground in order to respect the geometry of the stones. So I really need the help of an expert! If possibile i...