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Making and image distorted automatically after pasting into Smart Object Layer?


New Member
Hello Everyone!
Please follow the step by step process which leads to my question.
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you

Yes, a smart object will do that.
  • In your step #2, double-click into the smart object and apply your warp adjustment to Layer 1, the solid gray shape.
  • Once you've done that, insert any new image into the smart object, above the gray layer.
  • Save and close the smart object, and your new image automatically takes the shape of your previous warp adjustment.
What I said above is correct, but I didn't explain it very well and omitted a key concept.

  • For your gray layer in your Step 1, do not shape it to the cup.
  • Instead, make a rectangular selection that gets as close as you can to the shape of the cup, like below.
  • Fill that selection with gray on a new layer. Now, save the gray rectangle as a smart object.
  • Do not double-click yet on the smart object. Stay in your main file.
  • Go to your smart object layer and apply all your transformations—warp, skew, free distort, whatever—to get the gray rectangle to conform to the curved shape of the cup.
  • Once you've done that, you can now double-click on the smart object to open it and insert any other image above your gray rectangle. That new image will automatically conform to the warp, etc. that you had previously done.
The video below gives a good explanation.