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  1. A

    Specific Add her Bunny to a photo in Paris

    Can you paste this bunny in a Paris setting for my daughter's birthday?If you can spare a few minutes, please read this. So grateful! When my daughter was 6 months old, we gave her a dress that came with this cute bunny. The bunny became a favorite and has traveled with her everywhere until 16...
  2. N

    Cannot type the letter "H"

    This issue started up yesterday. I cannot, regardless of font type or size or capitalization, type the letter "h" using the text tool. I can copy and paste the letter in, but trying to type it any other way does nothing.
  3. Tiffer73

    Interface question: Copy clipboard to new document

    Hi, I've just upgraded from 5.5 to CC. Just getting used to things. So, normally I would copy a selection from one document and do a "ctrl N" for new file from clipboard. I would click "new" and the new document would open and I would paste my clipboard instanly. Done. However, now the only...
  4. Na11

    How can I add gifs to still images?

    I'm a bit stuck. I created a border-like layer with the rectangle tool and saved it as a PNG. I opened a gif, went down to the timeline, and selected all frames, and copied them all. Now I'm trying to paste the gif layers on a png but I don't see the paste options. Help appreciated.
  5. A

    delete background

    Can someone please edits the background out of the blocks so i can paste it on another picture?
  6. C

    Copy Paste Auto Resize

    When I marque paste a jpg into an existing Photoshop document in CS5, I need the image to resize to my Photoshop document. It's such a hassle to copy/paste, and then have to downsize (or upsize) it everytime. Is there something I can change in preferences? Or a way to do this?
  7. B

    Illustrator Deleting the background of a difficult image Photoshop

    Hi, I am a beginner at Photoshop so apologies for my beginners question. I do lots of watercolour illustrations and turn them into cli art. My illustrations have no black pen lines so they can be difficult to select with tools like lasso, magic wand or pen. So watched this tutorial about...
  8. C

    Scripting Photoshop Script to Paste Multiple Items

    Hi guys, so I am very new (in fact not even started) with scripts in PS, but here is my problem. I have a huge JPG chart of the East Coast of Zanzibar. I have 500 GPS coordinates of my sailing trip. I can convert those 500 points into xy coordinates for the chart. What I would then like to do...
  9. ashley1

    How do I copy one section of the picture to paste on a new image?

    I want to copy the foreground (the lettering) of this image and paste the lettering to a new image. Also, how would I place the words underneath each other? Thank you! =)
  10. P

    Copy and paste lines

    When I copy and paste a line Ive drawn (pic 1) from one image to another (pic 2) the line is not solid. However it is solid if I paste it to the same image.
  11. P

    Copy and paste problem

    New guy here. Just got Photoshop recently and Im still learning the ropes. My problem is this. I resized an image. I then saved it as a psd. I made a selection of an item on this image and then went to paste it onto another psd image. But when I do it pastes it at the dimensionsthat the item...
  12. J

    how can i cut out a anime logo with Photoshop and paste it into another background?

    Dear all, how can i cut out a anime logo and paste it into another background?
  13. W

    'Paste as shape layer' pasting as foreground color

    Hi all! When I paste an Illustrator vector graphic into Photoshop as a shape layer, it pastes as whatever the foreground color is instead of the original colors. I'm sure there's an easy fix to this that I'm missing but can't seem to find it. Thank you in advance!
  14. A

    Selecting, Resizing. Pasting Numerous times, quickly, easily - how?

    I had some manuscript music where the piece is spread over two sheets of paper and I would like to condense it down to one sheet. If I cut all the white space out and reduce the size of the font and cut out the chord symbols below the stave it will all fit on one sheet, I know, I've done it...
  15. L

    Hi, i would like to add an image to each petal of an image of a rose???

    If i have an image of a rose, and want to use photoshop to paste a dollar note onto each visible petal, so it appears the rose is made of money, how could this be achieved? Thank you for...
  16. H

    Illustrator Creating an Action in illustrator

    Hello All, I'm trying to create an illustrator action that isn't functioning properly on playback. I'm using Illustrator CS5 on a Macbook. In setting up for print production of CD's and DVD's, on what's called an OMAP; I have to copy, paste and then place the image at a specific point on the...
  17. X

    How do I cut and paste

    How do I cut out the circle of the bird in this image?
  18. N

    Not able to copy and paste more than one layer selection - Photoshop CS4

    I am new to PohotoShop CS4 and I am following a tutorial. I have a baffling problem. I am supposed to select more than one layer by ctrl click the first layer, then to select a second layer, I need to shift click the second layer and ctrl click again. This highlights the layers and "marching...