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Hi, i would like to add an image to each petal of an image of a rose???


If i have an image of a rose, and want to use photoshop to paste a dollar note onto each visible petal, so it appears the rose is made of money, how could this be achieved? Thank you for your time, lee
very possible, the transform tool sounds the route to take on that one. could get very tricky though, how well versed are you with photoshop?
the image of the rose will need to be seen. It sounds like there are going to be numerous layers.
I was thinking more, is there a way I could select shape of petal, and then paste money into the shape so it fit automatically? or would I literally have to free transform each petal to the right angle/ perspective and then trim what would be covered? (sorry im struggling to think of the right terminology) thank you
You could probably overlay onto the Rose a bill but the pedals will only expose parts of the dollar bill I assumed you wanted each petal to be a dollar bill not section
yeah each one of those petals is a separate image separate layers serious transformations
btw the last link opens to blank page
yeah that's fine, but any way to make the money magnetise to shape of the petal? like the curves in the petals..... like im not sure how to bend it that extreme? unless I use puppet transform???
yeah that's cool, thanks, what would be best way to warp/transform the money so it follows the folds in the petals? puppet transform?
I suppose you could take sections of the bill and transform on the petals but to do this all at once would be impossible some serious time with the warp tool would do it.