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  1. C

    irregular crop help

    Hello, technical question for science writing. We took photos of one side of a thin metal foil and I stitched them together as a .psd. Basically a long, thin, roughly rectangular shape. Now, I need to meticulously crop out all the background. I was using ImageJ for this (FIJI), but it requires...
  2. J

    Specific Removal

    Hello gurus! Please I have a big issue editing this picture. Am New to photoshop and I can't get a way to edit this. What I want is to remove those black rectangles placed to cover the text below it. I don't know if it's a clip art. I will
  3. C

    Multiple crops in one photo

    Hello, I am looking for a solution for cropping multiple (approx. 320) selections in one photo, where I can specify the coordinates for each selection myself. The output must be separate .tif files with a specified file name. Is it possible to use, for example, a csv file as input for the...
  4. A

    Specific Removal of side table

    Hey guys, I want to request the removal of the side table with mirror on top and the candles on it. If this could be executed it would be awesome and muchly appreciated! Thank you 😀
  5. C

    Specific Crop fixing & resizing - Thank you!!!

    Hello everyone! I need a huge favor. I am freaking out on Photoshop right now. I need this picture (see attached files) in a 2500 x 2500 px . The person needs to be in the center and if possible could you create some more background (background awareness) on the left side right next to the...
  6. J

    Multiple Image Straightening

    Hi Guys, Any method I can use to straighten multiple images simultaneously. I am not interested in using the Crop and Straighten script that completely messes up everything and is unreliable. I am aware of the ruler and Arbitrary method that's too inefficient. Interested to know if it's...
  7. Azulnauta

    Crop the machine

    Can someone just crop all the background? I only want the machine to work with. link to download:
  8. A

    Auto crop function in Photoshop gives errors. Other possibilities?

    I want to digitize my photo albums. As the albums need to go to my ex-wife, I want to scan at the best possible quality (size is not a major issue). I have a scanner, which does a decent job, but it will be quite hard to fit some of the pages on the scanner glass. I have found that taking...
  9. S

    Batch Automation Automated aspect ratio???

    Hey all, Just like to say hi, thins is my first post here, I've been wracking my brains over this one. I need to take 100s of jpegs of different sizes and have an action or AppleScript crop them to a specific aspect ratio, say for example 4:3. But I want it to do this regardless of pixel...
  10. ^Photographer

    Cropping with Restraint in PS CC

    I'm missing something. In PS CS5 I used to put in the number of pixels I wanted an image restrained to when cropping. When I dragged the cropping tool on the image it would draw a box. When I applied the crop it would automatically be the 200px X 200px I had indicated. In PS CC it doesn't seem...
  11. RobertsDigital

    How do I crop an image diagonally?

    Hello guys forgive my ignorance I'm kinda new with photoshop. I got this image: I'd like to crop off the image from point A to point B, so that The triangle A, B and C disappears leaving the rest of the bar. Secondly I'd like to place this on top of another picture. All help appreciated Thanks
  12. E

    Need to crop (simple)

    Yes before you say it I am a complete beginner in photoshop. I have tried looking up tutorials for this but nothing has really worked out for me. If you could please crop out the overlaying triangles that stick out (all 4) the side and make sure it blends in well. If you can do this for me it...
  13. C

    Make a PNG from a geofilter

    I'd like to be able to put this over different photos so if someone could crop and it and erase the space between the letters I would be so grateful, thanks in advance
  14. M

    PS CC opens image in crop mode each time

    Hi would anybody be able to help me figure out why every time I open and image in PS CC it opens in crop mode by default it drives me crazy what am I missing that it is doing this Thank you for any help Alan
  15. N

    Could someone crop this photo for me?

    Hello, I'd really like to use the head of this pony for an xmas card but have no idea how to crop it so it's on a black background. Would someone be willing to do it for me please? Many thanks in advance :)
  16. S

    Need a quick crop and edit!

    Hello, I was wanting to see if anybody could crop some images for me and mash them together. I would like the crystal ball and hands from this picture only cropped out. I would like to replace the head on the poster with this head just cropped out and sized down to match with the hands. And...
  17. Å

    Blurred photo and crop

    Hi guys, I am working on one photo, but I just can't make it happen. I need to crop one girl and make photo as sharp as possible. Is there anyone willing to help please?
  18. U

    Crop my friend from background

    Hey guys. Hope you're all doing fine. Have a new request, can you please crop my friend from background and add anything like plain background or anything which makes a good selfi? Thanks in advance.
  19. R

    Easy Crop Photoshop Request

    Hey, my friend needed someone to make him look like a giant. I snapped 2 photos, one is of him and the other one is of a museum/castle we went to and he wants to look like he's stepping on the castle. Its pretty easy but too tough for me I was wondering if anybody could crop him out and put him...
  20. thePixelPixie

    Need to reconfigure image to fit different dimensions...

    Hi there, I'm a long-time Illustrator user, but only rarely use Photoshop. But I just got a client project that requires a bit more complexity than I'm comfortable with currently. Trying to figure out the best way to do this, so I'm hoping some experts here will be willing to give me some...