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  1. L

    Cutting backgrounds out of a video

    I have a video of a window with trees moving outside. You can see the wall that the window is on and I want to cut the wall out of the video. How can I do this? I basically want to crop the video so it only shows the window and not the wall.
  2. D

    there's got to be an easier way - sizing pictures

    I'm wondering if I'm making more work for myself than needed. I have a bunch of pictures that are the same shape but not the same size. I'm cropping and scaling over and over to get them to the size needed. It's simply taking me to long. They have to be the same size because they are going...
  3. E

    Cropping assistance

    Hoping you expert folks can assist me with this little project, we are trying to crop a face from a photo, and then print it onto a T-Shirt design.... The idea is to crop this chaps face area, and then us the cropped image for printing, ie we dont want any background.... How can I do this in...
  4. gedstar

    Introducing Content-Aware Crop: Coming Soon to Photoshop CC

    More Info
  5. IamSam

    Freelance Job Requests will now be moderated

    Just a quick announcement. New threads in the Freelance Area will now be automatically moderated and subject to approval by PSG staff. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, when a thread is placed in moderation it will not be publicly visible to the forum until approved by one of...
  6. D

    Batch crop with Photoshop cs6

    Hi, I have series of burst photos, which I would like to crop in such a way, that the crop frame, selected by me is always on the same position for every photo from the sequence. I would be very gratefull indeed, if someone can help me and can describe the steps which I should follow. Thank You.
  7. TomHowe

    Adobe Photoshop CS6 Error.

    While running Adobe Photoshop CS6 all of the sudden I got an error when trying to crop an image…“Could not build the Crop preview because of a program error.” I have been cropping images for 5 months and never received this error before.
  8. J

    Could someone please help me on a picture??

    It would be so awesome if anyone could crop OUT the golf cart in front of us and clear the pic up a little. I would be so thankful if you could help me out. Thanks!! If not possible to crop cart out, just clear the image.
  9. E

    Circular cropping help

    Hopefully this is an easy one for you experts, I have a picture of a round badge, its background is yellow, how do I crop the badge, so the background disappears......and only the badge is left in the pic....I have got a little success with using the eliptical marquee tool, but I cant Crop the...
  10. C

    ADobe Photoshop CS3 Question

    Ok heres an image i an trying to edit in ADobe CS3 extended. It was working fine for what i wanted the other day, now i can't seem to get it to work again. It is a gump or image for an older game, its a character doll window. So what im trying to do again, is just edit the actual window all the...
  11. H

    Disecting an image into 3 predetermined parts.

    Hi all I have picture at fairly good resolution at 150dpi- 90x60 cm. I need to cut this up in precisely 3 strips of 30x 60 cm. if i choose the crop tool and enter these measurements in, i can be precise but I cant select any option but to crop the whole image ... the rectangle marquee tool has...
  12. E

    Changing a plain background

    How can I simply change the colour of the background to the letter in this pic/scan from white to black, (not easy to see, but when I open it on my PC it shows the a white background, the colour of the inner lid of the scanner) If its not a simple process, how do I crop the letter so just the...
  13. P

    there is one problem in cropping my image balloon

    hello, I have one new problem and it is about crop!!! when I use "crop tool" only I can cut horizontally and vertically by move the mouse. Photoshop is a great software and I want the balloon only in the software,Right on such as when I use "crop tool" and I cut horizontally and vertically by...
  14. R

    [Macro Crop VS Manual Crop] Crop position out of image Size

    Hi,I have been trying to crop my images using Macro. When i do it manually, Upon pressing the crop button, the Crop is positioned in the MIDDLE of the Image size which is alright for me. I'm Cropping it into a square. The problem is when I choose to crop it with Macro, It returns an image with...
  15. N

    Blue border after crop?

    Hi, starting to try to learn photoshop on my own. It's the little details that are confusing me. I just cropped this image (I believe a destructive crop) and there remains this blue border plus little symbols on the upper left hand corner. What are these and how do I get rid of them? Thanks...
  16. H

    Drop shadow for colour fill layer won't crop along edges....

    I keep running into this problem, I'm using Photoshop CS6. What happens is I'm using a colour fill layer in a rendering and I’ve applied a drop shadow. The shadow somehow is being applied to the outside edges of the page where there is nothing to shadow, so there will be grey/black on 2 sides...
  17. A

    Photo Resolution Issue

    I hope this isn't an idiot question ...:confused: I have CS5 on Windows 7. When I download photos from my Canon camera, their size is 48x72 inches @ 72 ppi. Previously, when I used the crop tool to adjust the image to the size I wanted, the resolution would rise accordingly, to 300 ppi or...
  18. S

    Cropping a complicated image from a complicated background?

    Good afternoon everyone!For the past few days, i've been trying to cut away a peice of audio from a screenshot of my music program.Here's an example: I'm essentially trying to get this:(my first initial "crop-out")I wanted to know if there was a cleaner, more efficient way I could remove the...
  19. A

    Cropping disabled by scratch disks — cs5 on W7

    Hi everyone, I'm running Photoshop CS5 on Windows 7; my issue is that anytime I try to crop an image (and this is the only command that causes the issue as far as I can tell) it fails and a popup tells me that PS "Could not complete your request because the scratch disks are full." The only...
  20. C

    How do I crop a layer to the size of the image?

    When I copy in a layer from another file, for example a texture layer, that is larger than the image I am working, I'd like to crop that layer down to the size of the working image. Is there an easy way to do this?