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ADobe Photoshop CS3 Question


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Ok heres an image i an trying to edit in ADobe CS3 extended.
It was working fine for what i wanted the other day, now i can't seem to get it to work again.
It is a gump or image for an older game, its a character doll window.
So what im trying to do again, is just edit the actual window all the greyish colored border.
So i cropped out the middle black section, cut as a new layer, works great.
Now i can run a paint brush with any effect over the image and it won't paint the center black piece, ok so that works right still.
But now it will paint over the 4 black corners of the image, as if its all one layer... which is not what i want it to do.
It was not doing that the other day, and I did not have to crop out the four corner black sections then cut as a separate layer.
Not sure if an option was changed or what.
Before I would just crop out the middle black piece as its own layer, then paint the actual greyish border image and the 4 black corner pieces were seemingly auto ignored or auto cropped in a different layer and they would not be painted on..

So I tried to the select and crop out of the 4 corner pieces manually and add as a new layer, but i can;t effectly select just the black color, when cropping any way i can figure out it will eventually crop a bit into the actual grey border image that im trying to edit separately...

To crop the middle black peice i just used the "quick selection tool" and it just selected all the black in the middle perfectly, and i made that a new layer unedittable, which i wanted.
But if I try doing that to the four black corner's it selects more than i want or need selected..

I hope this makes sense, Any one have any idee what im talking about or any advice on how I can fix it so it goes back to how it was the other day? allowing me to paint over the entire picture any way i want and not paint into the black 4 corners?

OK Here is the first image I am trying to edit, to give you a better idea, The image beside it is what i did to it a couple days ago, gave it a bloody splash effect/feel.
Turned out great, worked exactly how i wanted.. But now for some reason i just can't do the same thing.. I am trying to make another theme, but with a smoke theme..
So i downloaded a Brush theme for smoke but when i click it around on the first image, it paints the entire image including those top 4 corners, and i have no idea how to get it to work with how i did the bloody image theme, The top 4 black corners can't be painted or it won't display properly in the game...
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Why go to all the trouble to edit a flattened image when you could just continue editing the original PSD file?

You did save your work as a PSD file didn't you?

No I didn't save the final pic as a psd...
It needs to be a bmp in order go be patched into the game files..
I didn't think of that to be honest, good call.
I just started fooling around again, managed to get the black areas selected out as a separate layer, so perhaps now that it is all cropped out and ready to be edit i should just save it as a psd file, and use that as the basic default template to edit future existing versions from, good idea, thanks i didn't think of that.
No worries...

The general workflow when using PS is to ALWAYS save the PSD file.
This will retain ALL your layers, adjustments, smart objects...etc....everything! (Except history)

When you are at a point in your workflow where you need to save an image you just save it out to whatever format you want. Should you require more than one format then you just save out to those too.....the PSD file remains intact ready for further editing or whatever.

If you need multiple versions then use Save As... and save the PSD as another filename.....then continue editing.

You've already sorted your problem out but the 'Magic Wand' tool would have selected all the black in the image which you could then delete. You could then place another layer UNDER whats left and fill with black for the same effect, but it means you can edit the layer ABOVE without changing the black layer behind. (or rather a duplicate layer to save the original....just in case!)

Think LAYERS for each part of an image.
Think SAVE MY WORK AS PSD when you're done....or not.