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    Specific Mask up western Pt.2

    Hi there, I'd like to kindly request another edit of the mask onto the cowboy this time.

    Specific Mask Up Western

    Hi I'd like the mask put onto the character and the cowboy made black and white with a bit of red detail. Thanks

    Specific Mask Layer and background removal

    Hi there I'm looking to have the mask in the .png added onto the man's face and to have the background removed except the chair and the guy in his suit.

    Specific CONNMASK layer

    Hi there, I'm looking for someone to include the mask in the attached image onto an edited version of the 1950's suit advert also attached. I'd like the text and background of the suit advert cleared to a ____________ background and the man in the suit left with the CONNmask over his face. Any...
  5. C

    Specific Remove sun from her face

    Hello! Please remove sun from face so she is black dropbox link with picture: Thank you!
  6. Philomena

    Tips on how to create this effect on this picture?

    Hi everyone, Do you have any tips or advice on how to recreate this effect - "merge" a color picture with a solid color background? Any specific layer to use? Thanks a lot!
  7. B

    script to save png with different layers

    dear all, I am trying to build a script that will do the following: I have a big file which includes several group of laywers. I would like to alternatively turn on a group of layer and export a png @40% size then turn off the group and turn on the next group then export png etc... I want to do...
  8. presafresca

    Can't remove the tile pattern on text/image layers with transparent bg

    Hi gurus, I'm a new member and I'm in need of serious help. I'm working on a very important poster and it's due tomorrow. Something happened and I'm not sure if I accidentally did something, but CTRL+Z or CTRL+ALT+Z just wouldn't undo the "damage". There's a "C"-looking tile pattern on my...
  9. J

    Document Size and Image Size

    Hi Guys, Recently I just realised that if I open an image in PS and resize it using Image > Image Size, it resizes the entire document/canvas plus the image itself. However, if I create a new document and place/copy and paste an image within this new document as a new layer and attempt to...
  10. 9

    How to delete a post, thread, or user account?

    Hello. How can you delete a post from a thread? How can you delete a thread? How can you delete yourself from the forum?
  11. L

    Export mockups with multiple colors layer and different content

    Hello everyone, I got a psd file, this is a mockup T-shirt with multiple colors. I want to add an image to a particular layer, then show a color background layer (there are many colors layer) and export to PNG. The name files exported contain name_image and title colors layer. Ex: Image name...
  12. TripleYoThreat

    Layer Alignment with Text Box Rather Than Text

    Hi, I'm not new to Photoshop, but I never addressed a concern I've had. It always bothered me that alignments were done to the edge of a text layer's box, and there was no option to set the box to "hug" the text or occupy it entirely. This way, when I align with another layer, I would be getting...
  13. S

    Applying layer mask to just one layer

    Hi guys, very new here. In this screenshot i'm basically trying to make the hands fade, as they are (done using layer mask and gradient tool), but then having the mask apply only to the hands. The aim is to have something in the background and not having the hands transparent to it, and the...
  14. J

    Working with "Channels" in Ps CC

    Hi! Thanks in advance for the help... Lately our licensors have been sending more and more artwork assets that are in Multichannel mode with spot colour separations and i need to be able to convert it to other formats. This is great when we send finished art to our suppliers but I need to be...
  15. T

    Actions Searching for a Photoshop action (fire)

    Hello, I've been searching the internet for a Photoshop action which I once had,.....but can't find anymore. So in my search I came accross this interesting forum (sorry if my English isn't 100%). The action I'm looking for is a specific 'fire' action which creates a nice line of fire around...
  16. S

    i have a weird question about layers.

    I am watching a speed painting and i notice something in the layer panel. The layer size of the layer he/she is using are not the same. Can you please tell me what is the difference between this type of layer from a normal layer? how can you create this type of layer?
  17. C

    Loop a video layer in Animation Timeline for duration of animation?

    Is it possible in PS to loop a shorter video layer in the animation timeline for the duration of the rest of the animation? Specifically, something about 12 frames long to be looped for the remainder of the 1800 frames animation.
  18. P

    Layers in wrong order?

    Hi to All I am fairly new to Photoshop and still learning my way round my problem i'm having is with a fairly old photo that i'm trying to touch up 1st : I converted it to black and white as it looked better 2nd : I used the Levels adjustment layer to tweak it 3rd : I then used a Curves...
  19. J

    Duplicating or moving a layer makes it jump to top of list

    When I duplicate a layer, or move it's order, it automatically scrolls my layers list to make it at the top. Is there any way to stop that? I'm using photoshop CC.
  20. C

    How to resize an image on top of another image

    I have an image on layer 2 on top of my background image, and want to resize it the image on layer 2. How is this done?