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  1. C

    How to add in a new image as an extra layer

    Hi there, I have an image as my background layer already and want another image on top of this one as a second layer, how do I do this?
  2. C

    Image not showing up as a layer

    Very basic beginner question I'm sure, but I'm just starting out and when I add an image (file, open) the image does not show up on the right as being a layer. Is this a fault with Photoshop (I'm using an old version) or am I doing something wrong?
  3. S

    Layers with Alpha, and how to fill

    Need help with this please... So I am trying to make a skin (for Second Life avatars) and I want to fill in the edges of a layer that are alpha'd. I remember doing this about 10 years ago (have completely forgotten how to though). I know I can just make a background layer and fill it with a...
  4. jromer

    How do I achieve this darkened effect?

    Hi gurus, new member here. I decided to look for a PS forum after failing to find answers to my questions on YouTube. I'm learning web design and a crucial skill to have in my tool belt is Photoshop. Long story short, the objective for today is darkening a photo in order to use it as a...
  5. R

    Paint Bucket not filling solid area on separate layer?

    The solution is probably simple, but I have never run into this issue previously. Can anyone tell me why the paint bucket tool is not completely filling a selected area on a top layer? The selected area should be completely white, but it seems to have a subtle outline of the layer I traced from...
  6. S

    Layer Size

    Hello all, I have a logo that I am trying to fit across several different templates. Is there a way that I can easily resize the logo to a particular size? Free transform allows me to increase size, but I'd like it to be something like 200x400px on all of my templates. Is there a way for me to...
  7. I

    How can I export a single layer [C++] plugin (lost all hope)

    I've built a Windows Phoshop CS6 / CSS C++ plugin; how it works is it exports each layer in the document (By name) with it's proper image format (png, jpg, etc), my issue is: I have to turn off visibility on each other layer in order to export the one layer (I have to loop through all the...
  8. Pipsmom

    New Project Guidance needed

    I have a project in mind for three 1800's photos and need a little advice on the simplest way to achieve this...I have in my mind what I want it to look like but don't know the steps how to achieve it..:banghead: ............Highly ambitious for a beginner with just basic knowledge but one must...
  9. S

    Photoshop CS3 Layer Mask Density Option

    Hello everyone, I need some help finding this option, if it even exists. Does PS CS3 have a Layer Mask Density option? I have a Layer Mask that is solid black, but wanted to change the density level. If CS3 does not have the option, is there an alternative?
  10. C

    Layer Effects in MockUp Template for Logos

    I bought a mockup template to use for my logos that would be going in a portfolio on my website. My logos is black and red. I brought my logo into the template but don't know how to manipulate the layer effects to get the color for my logo. Below is how my logo looks and a screenshot of the...
  11. 3

    3D - Merged Layer Alignment

    Hi guys & gals, When I merge a new layer (3d object) to my 3d working environment photoshop resets the ground plane to the new layer. Which means I have to re-align my whole workspace (often many layers) to the new ground plane. This is impossible with a large build. Is there a way to merge the...
  12. T

    Brushes + Threshold + Different Colors?

    Howdy folks! My first time here at these forums. I'm a print/textile/graphic designer and I haven't seen an answer to this question anywhere on the webs. This is sort of a complicated question. I'll do my best to ask it in a comprehensible way. I love the hard edges and visual effect of the...
  13. E

    Adjustment Layer Help

    IM scanning some old 35mm Slides into my PC, and would like to put a little "Modern" touch to them, eg de-saturate the background in this pic, its been a while since I did this sort of thing so if you folks could assist me, I know I have to create an adjustment layer, then desaturate that layer...
  14. TripleYoThreat

    Gold 'Trajan Color' Font Outline On Object

    Hi, hope you're doing well! I have this that I am working on. I love Trajan Color's gold look. It is gold on one side and darker on the other. Looks amazing. I was trying to get that crisp outline on the hand, so I tried making a huge text layer with very little tracking to create a...
  15. M

    Batch Automation Automatic continuous number sequence in the text layer in multiple files

    Hello everyone, I have 600 PSD files in which need continuous numbering in defined text layer in the format xxx-xxx from xxx-001 in the first file to xxx-600 in last file. Is there any way to do it automatically? I am using Photoshop CC 2017 I tried create data-driven graphics, but as I am new...
  16. R

    How to "Vector Mask" layer effect such as Outer Glow?

    I want to hide a small part of the outer glow of a text. I tried vector mask but it is not working. Outer glow can pass through the vector mask! I know there are a lot of workarounds such as rasterize the layer before erasing the glow / create layer style / etc. But I don't want that, I want...
  17. G

    How to Merge visible & duplicate layer

    Hi I have been studying a written tutorial(video tutorial is no longer available), and several times it says "Merge visible & duplicate layer". Could someone explain how to go about it. Thanks ganbee :question:
  18. E

    Scaled layer image quality

    Hi guys, i scaled down a layer, but later i need to scale it up back But when i do this the layer wont have the quality it used to have first time So is there a way to protect, keep the quality of a layer which is scaled down? i made an example to explain it better in first image the layer...
  19. Z

    Photoshop Selection Glitch?

    So i was working on something in photoshop and i made a line with the pen tool then used the stroke feature to highlight it, i decided to delete it and made a new layer, i tried to paint this layer black but somehow i can only paint over this line even though i dont have it selected. Does anyone...
  20. T

    Photoshop help!!

    Hello everyone! I have been fighting with photoshop and searching Google trying to find an answer to my problem. I have a photo and I am trying to make frequency layers and every time that I try to put a gaussian blur on a layer it keeps affecting EVERY layer, above and below. I can't seem to...