1. Pipsmom

    Painting a black and white, need a answer

    After a lot of reading lately I started today on this project just for fun and practice really but something odd happened and I don't know where it all went wrong. As it's work in progress I need to know what Not to do so it doesn't happen again tomorrow. I started off after healing then...
  2. Y

    Photoshop for screen print designs?

    I’ve come here because I’m a little confused and need some advice. I have to make designs for several screen prints and I need to do this while I’m away on holiday so I grabbed my old macbook pro and Cintiq 13HD on the way out the door thinking this would do the job. I’ve been using Krita at...
  3. W

    Layers workflow, modify any adjustment anytime?

    This has been puzzling me for a while: As shown in the picture attached, I have a layer that controls the saturation at the top, but when I make changes to the saturation settings, the saturation in the blur layer below stay unchanged (originally the saturation layer was below the blur layer...
  4. Markie Jordan-Madden

    Photoshop Layers Not Working Properly!

    I have a weird situation. A Windows 10 Update fiasco somehow wiped Windows from my laptop. After many hours on tech chat, I finally got windows installed again, which means I lost ALL my files on my C drive, including several PSD's I was working on. Re-downloaded Photoshop today, but the layers...
  5. Rpbin

    How to add a pic to a new layer

    Hi, I have added a pic to the bg layer, but I'm stuck as how to add a new pic to the layer above. I want to make the new pic semi-transparent so it looks as tho the girl is being reflected in the polished bronze surface. I have attached a shot of the girl on the bg layer and a shot of the...
  6. R

    Can blend mode be used on a selection?

    Hi, I selected a small area today, painted on it and changed the opacity. Then I thought it might be interesting to apply different blend modes to it, but they changed the whole image. I saved the selection. Made a new layer, cntrl-alt-shft-e and added the selection but it still didn't work...
  7. Z

    Photoshop CS6 brush and eraser tools are streaking across the active layer. Incredibl

    Video of the issue I'm having: The video only shows the issue when using the brush tool. However, the exact same thing is happening when I use the eraser tool. It will erase a long streak across what layer is active. I've tried Googling this issue, and haven't come up with anything. Does...
  8. A

    Is possible making shortcut for "rasterize layer" function from Layer palette?

    Hi, I already have made shortcut for making smart object, but also id like to have shortcut for rasterizing it back. Is it possible? Cheers guys, Artur
  9. C

    Illustrator Layer set to Multiply, can it retain that property when PSD file is imported into AI?

    Hi, my first post. I want a layer property, one set to multiply blending mode, to be retained when I import a PSD file into AI or ID. Can that happen? My work-around is to save layer separately but I'm posting this asset for community use and want it to be easy to use. I would love to know if...
  10. G


    Hi. I have a psd which is just one layer - a picture of my company logowhich appears to have no background. It is textured and I need for it to be just one flat colour. I would usually do this by locking the layer so any marks I make only affect the contents of that layer. Although it doesn't...
  11. MrToM

    Is It Just Me..? #7 CC 2015.5.1 Layer Thumbnail

    I'll not say how I got into this situation (yet)....suffice to say I shouldn't be able to....right? (And no, it's not been 'shopped' either!) Check out the layer thumbnail. More bugs in CC 2015.5.1....? (Note that's a question, not a request) it just me? Can anyone else replicate...
  12. J

    Actions Anyone know of a Contact Shadow Action??

    I have been searching for a Contact Shadow action (similar to the one Apple Pages has for placing a small contact shadow at the feet of a person inserted onto a page). I want to have a small soft shadow placed at the feet of person that is extracted and on it's own layer, and placed onto another...
  13. A

    Gradient tool & layer mask

    I'm having a problem with this. I was watching a tutorial where the person used a layer mask on the a layer image then used gradient tool on the layer mask however when I do this, the gradient doesn't apply on the layer mask. I believe they were using cs6 while I'm using cs3. Any advice?
  14. D

    Combining images for manual HDR image

    Hello Gurus message board! I've never posted here before but look forward to getting to know you folks. I'm a long time Photoshop user (since CS 5) and am truly stumped for the first time in a while. (I think that means i'm trying new things for the first time in a while...) On a recent trip...
  15. J

    Make changes of wallpaper in the picture

    Hi, I am trying to learn Photoshop and what is better than trying to do stuff that you can use later. I have taken picture of my kitchen and hall for renewing the wallpaper. Now I want to change the wallpaper from the old one to the new one. Steps I have done: 1. Duplicate bakground layer 2. I...
  16. H

    Please can someone explain me step by step how to do the following masking on Ps CS6!

    The following paragraph describe the first layer from the top. The first icon of the first layer from the top is the the scratching texture, the second icon represent the first mask done from the Layers panel (and it masks a gradient), and there is a second mask which is created by dragging from...
  17. D

    deleting everything but outines

    I'm working on a project that involves fixing coloring mistakes in old cartoons frame by frame. my plan is to do this: make a new layer that's a copy of the first, find some way to delete everything on the upper layer except for the outines, then use the paintbrush tool on the parts of the...
  18. A

    Transparent Background Help

    Hi I want to make a shape in Photoshop - A circle filled with 2 colors and a wave structure cut into it. When i try to make the background transparent, the wave part is also getting transparent. I need help to keep it white only. Please refer the attachments. Attachment 1 - Shape I have...
  19. O

    how to change color text in vector banners

    I have download vector banner and there are tiff file and ai file I have opened tiff file there are 4 banners in layer I want to edit change color and text in banner and work only with 1 banner I don,t get why there is no layer of text and rectange layer to work with banner editting how...
  20. D

    Really odd (for myself anyway) layering issue - [screencast]

    Hello and thank you for being here :) I'm having some odd behaviour with a box. For some reason it won't change layer won't go under another layer. I did a short's really the only way for someone to understand exactly what is happening...