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Scaled layer image quality


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Hi guys, i scaled down a layer, but later i need to scale it up back

But when i do this the layer wont have the quality it used to have first time

So is there a way to protect, keep the quality of a layer which is scaled down?

i made an example to explain it better
in first image the layer is in default size
in second image i scaled the layer down
in third image i scaled up back the layer to its first size but then as u see it doesnt have the quality it used to have in first image





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This is normal (but fixable!). When a layer or image is scaled down PS removes pixels to scale it down - you cant physically have the same number of pixels in a smaller place!) so when PS enlarges that layer or image it has to guess what the lost pixels were, hence the reduced quality.

However the solution is to convert the layer to a smart object first. Do this by right clicking on the layers icon and selecting "Convert to Smart object". If the project is a number of different layers you could either flatten the layers - or you could merge all the layers into one top layer by clicking on the top layer and then using the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E. You can then turn this merged top layer into a smart object and reduce and enlarge to your hearts content!

Hope this helps


that worked quite welll thx

i used to duplicate and backup the layer i want to scale down
Just to add to Johns excellent advice...there isn't really any need to merge or stamp layers before making a Smart Object.

A Smart Object can be created from any selection of layers, even other Smart Objects, without flattening first.

This way all the layers are kept editable within the Smart Object.

MrToM is absolutely right - I have learnt something here as well! (I like it when that happens)


MrToM - please, please jump in whenever you think it is necessary - I am not precious about this, some things I know and some things I don't. The only way to improve is to be informed. If I had actually carried out the process before describing it I almost certainly would have remembered (I am certainly aware you can combine multiple layers into a single smart object and have done so when making mockups for example). But I absolutely don't mind you or anybody pointing something out. So no need to appologise. unfortunately I am on my computer at work at the moment and for some reason the forum software isn't letting me access smilies - otherwise I would have given a big thumbs up.