1. J

    Image Editing in WordPress using WP Paint Plugin

    Hello Guys, We have recently launched a WordPress plugin i.e. WP Paint, It's a handy tool that can help you customize your pictures easily and make it more attractive. If you are a WordPress user and want to edit your pictures more quickly than this plugin can be very helpful. The good part is...
  2. T

    vector for image

    Hi, how are you? I'm new here and I started using Illustrator and Photoshop for a project, it happens that when I create the logo in Illustrator when I get the logo selected in Illustrator and I send it to PS it simply loses its quality a lot, what can I do to solve it? problem ? ps: The...
  3. souravjns

    Need High Quality Product Images

    I am in need of some High Resolution product images to edit and submit on my website. I could do this by my own, but I don't have photography knowledge and have not a good camera. I need images to edit and to upload to a eCommerce Image Editing service website. Can anyone share photos with me?
  4. J

    Multiple Image Straightening

    Hi Guys, Any method I can use to straighten multiple images simultaneously. I am not interested in using the Crop and Straighten script that completely messes up everything and is unreliable. I am aware of the ruler and Arbitrary method that's too inefficient. Interested to know if it's...
  5. R

    Arching A Wordmark

    Hello ladies and gentlemen. I have a very quick, simple question. Is there an easy way to uniformly arch a wordmark? I've warped an image before, but was never really satisfied with the outcome. I wish the same options for text was available for any selected image. Please assist and thank you...
  6. N

    Low resolution image to high resolution image help

    Hi, I would like to know any techniques to get low resolution image to high resolution. for example i attached a image below. for this image help me how to enhance it for high resolution image. also i would like it in 1500 * 2000 resolution. I would really appreciate if some one can help me :)
  7. M

    Please, help me, damaged file Adobe Photoshop

    Hello ladies and gentlemen! Straight to the essence of the problem. Worked in the same .psdfile, the source always remained normal and were opened too, until today, when opening, did not see that all the layers are merged, and the image is just black. The weight of the file has not changed. Is...
  8. N

    How to achieve this kind of effect

    Permission to post Admin Gurus: I would like to ask or your help on how to achieve the same effect as the image I posted. (Ship covered with sugar grains) Thanks in advance.
  9. M

    Need help removing text from an image and increasing quality please.

    The image is a picture of my school year group and while I do already have a physical copy of this photo I would like a digital copy as well. While I do acknowledge that the rules state I shouldn't ask for watermarks to be removed, this photo is not stolen and I have actually purchased two...
  10. D

    Text removal request

    Hoping someone is willing and able to remove all text and barcode from the attached image and to repost at original resolution. Thanks very much!
  11. W

    Can anyone make this into a larger pattern minus the buttons?

    Can anyone re-create the image without the buttons and larger? I'd like to get this jacket printed but the image is not large enough...thanks!
  12. M

    How to get rid of weird color glares

    Hi! I'm not an expert in photography so I can't really say what was wrong with original pictures but after editing I've very strange looking colors. So the first image: I need to remove blue color. As an option replace it with proper gray. Make blue areas less blurry and outstanding Second...
  13. G

    Help needed please - compositing.

    Hi All, I hope someone out there can help as I am pulling my hair out at the moment! I need to overlay/composite some graffiti onto a image of a sheet being sucked into a vacuum cleaner. This will be part of an overall composite (sheet image and composite attached). I have tried displacement...
  14. chrisdesign

    3D Visit from Mars

    This is a Blender composite, easy to create with a background image, (Foggy night over Swiss mountains) and a sphere with texture material applied. This is the material I used. to get this result. It is just a fantasy job, yet I hope that it will be inspiring for some of you. There is...
  15. inkpad.t

    Matte Painting

    I made this Matte Painting so i could give it away for free as a stock background for those on Deviant Art... its here in a full size image Its not Brilliant bar far , but its for free,and i'm sure some one will make use of...
  16. S

    Remove Person

    Good Morning Forum! Thank you so much for helping me with the following editing : attached is a photo of my son jumping over his aunt into the pool. As adorable as the aunt is, can you please remove her from the image? I am wanting the image to show just my son jumping into the pool. My...
  17. R

    Help to remove lady from image

    I would greatly appreciate help in removing the lady in the blue bag from the picture. If not possible, is it possible to blur out instead? Image is uploaded via the link below. I am unable to resize it as it distorts the image.
  18. J

    Working with "Channels" in Ps CC

    Hi! Thanks in advance for the help... Lately our licensors have been sending more and more artwork assets that are in Multichannel mode with spot colour separations and i need to be able to convert it to other formats. This is great when we send finished art to our suppliers but I need to be...
  19. H

    Placing a range of images next to each other horizontally with no gaps

    Hi there! I made this image over the weekend, and I'm pretty proud of it. I plan to do this for more films, I have managed to automate the frame grabbing, the average colouring and the resizing, but im struggling to find a way for the photoshop to take each image and place exactly next to...
  20. W

    How do I make an image less pixelated?

    Hi there. I'm trying to put this image on my website covering half the screen but its really pixelated. I boosted the size to 1500x1000 and used the spot heal brush tool for a bit but it still looks really pixelated. Any ideas? The image is going to be like 20 times bigger than this on the...