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Help needed please - compositing.


Hi All,

I hope someone out there can help as I am pulling my hair out at the moment! I need to overlay/composite some graffiti onto a image of a sheet being sucked into a vacuum cleaner. This will be part of an overall composite (sheet image and composite attached).

I have tried displacement maps and different overlaying methods and nothing comes close. This needs to look as photorealistic as possible as it is part of a my final project for my photography degree. Therefore the graffiti layer in the composite needs to be mapped/overlaid onto the sheet and then that added to the composite.

I am an experienced Photoshop user, just not tried this before.

Any questions or recommendations are most welcome and thanks in advance.

Graham :)

nop, it's posible it's not called that way in english version :biglaff: one sec i make a screenshot XD
I'm sure you're used it a million times

the bar with "normal" in it


Please let me know how it's called in english version


Sorry maybe the first image was to small and didnt't uploaded.
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Thanks Argos,

The displacement map example is great but a little flat for what I am looking at for the project so I guess the way for me to go is the Fusion route. I am not familiar with that (as Colleague is). The screenshot that you posted won't open, I get an invalid attachment type?
"Fusion" it's like it's called here the group of effects in that bar thats what i wanna know how it's called in english or adobe called XD.