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  1. M

    Tragic Wedding mistake PART II

    Hey Guys! You did such a fantastic job on the last request of mine that I'm reaching out one more time. If someone could edit these photos the same way as this example below I would be eternally grateful!! Or better yet teach me how to do it so I don't have to keep asking for your help...
  2. G

    Help needed please - compositing.

    Hi All, I hope someone out there can help as I am pulling my hair out at the moment! I need to overlay/composite some graffiti onto a image of a sheet being sucked into a vacuum cleaner. This will be part of an overall composite (sheet image and composite attached). I have tried displacement...
  3. Chsavage

    This Idea I had.

    Who knows if it already exists? Well in a way it does. Let's say you have this car, and you want some new shiny wheels and tires, no problem. There are dozens of ways to get exactly what you want sent right to your doorstep, or installed professionally at any number of shops. Now lets say you...
  4. B

    Please help me with the sunglasses!

    Hi! Could someone please remove what is in the sunglasses but put in something that also looks realistic, like mirroring or remove the arm part? Not sure if it can be done but I figured it was worth a try! Thank you.
  5. inkpad.t

    Matte Painting

    I made this Matte Painting so i could give it away for free as a stock background for those on Deviant Art... its here in a full size image Its not Brilliant bar far , but its for free,and i'm sure some one will make use of...
  6. R

    Help Adding the Banner image to the Group Image

    I would greatly appreciate some help with merging the 2 images in such a way that the banner looks to be a part of the actual group photo. No specifics as to how it needs to be except that it just needs to look like a part of the actual shot. Thanks in advance! .
  7. M

    how to use the 3d in photoshop

    Hi, I am hawing a really hard time making some things in photoshop cs6 3d. Perhaps its just because im notso goog at english and at understanding photoshop. I have this tutorial I would like to make in photoshop. the 3d part are made in illustrator, but as I see it, it could as welle be made...
  8. M

    Hi from Tampa FL

    Hi! New here from Tampa FL I look forward to becoming a part of this group!
  9. K

    How would I create this image ?

    I'm a beginner to photoshop. I recently saw an image I wanted to recreate but haven't been able to find a source on how to do it. I just want to do the part with the skyline image and the text.
  10. V

    Need Help! Need to transparently Erase.

    Hi, guys! Good day! I need your help! I have a logo attached in this thread and there is a white stroke part in that logo need to transparently remove. but if I'll do that, the result will damage my logo with pixelated quality. Is it okay you guys help me to remove this white part? Thanks! It...
  11. B

    can't put white logos on shirts

    Hi I actually need help to put a white logo on a shirt. So basically what happens is,everytime i put the logo on the shirt,and change the mode (of the logo) in "multiply",it disappears instead of beign part of it. The thing is,with colored logos it doesn't give me that problem. Any solution...
  12. Eggy

    3D Blender - 50s Fighter Jet

    This is one of the many attemps to apply materials with UV mapping. Not perfect, far from..but I learned its not evident to apply a material on a modified shape. I thought lets start with a cylinder and use this cylinder to extrude the wings and tale section in one part. I couldn't find a way to...
  13. P


    Hi am new to this photoshop forum.I want to learn lot n lot in here .Thanks for the admins and mods for allowing me part of this great forum.
  14. W

    Rebuild logo from video

    Hey guys, my little request would be the logo which you can find in the upper right corner of the following little video: If possible I would also like to get a version with "HD" at the end, in the same style as the first part of the logo is. If you need any...
  15. Helios

    Challenge #45: New Year's Resolutions

    Hello everyone! Once again, a big thanks to all who took part in last month's challenge, and for voting my silly christmas card the winner. I hope you all had a lovely holiday and a good time last night - Happy New Year! On that note, I have decided that our 45th Challenge will ask: What are...
  16. S

    Help to recreate this image!

    Hi folks, I want to recreate what is being done in this picture with the txt "The Problematics". But i can't really figure out how to do so, especially the shadows from the upper part of "PROBLEMATICS" is tricky in my mind :) Hope you got some tips for a young Photoshopper :)
  17. F

    Unwrap cylinder texture

    Hello, There are alot of tutorials telling how to wrap a texture around cylinder... but let's say I got a already textured cylinder and would like to unwrap a texture from it... I know that I am able to get only a part of it, but still... how do I do that? Best regards!
  18. dv8_fx

    CONTEST FORUM ANNOUNCEMENT.... part 2....Please read!!!

    Recent changes to view permissions of forum moderators wishing to take part in forum contests didnt go well as expected. Starting with this month's challenge...... Challenge #43 - My Song .... ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE OPEN FOR VIEWING. In a way this is good...... as other mods, like yours...
  19. H

    Inserting vector

    Hi Everyone, I am zero level photo shop user. I have purchased a CV template online in PSD format. In the footer the original artist has used face book sign f and also had used BE for behance. I could delete Be (that ws the easy part ) . Now I want to create a linkedin sign (in) in the same...
  20. F

    Can someone blend these two images for me please, newb having a nightmare...

    Hi guys, I am a complete beginner to photoshop. I keep trying to blend these images together but they turn out horrible. I would appreciate it a lot if someone could help me out, it is for a part of a college presentation. Im trying to blend the letter v into the mirror so it looks like it is...