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  1. S

    Making the text on the paper readable

    Hi PhotoshopGurus!! I would be very happy if you help me enhance this image in order to read what is written in the paper. THANK YOU!!!
  2. P

    Illustrator How to remove / erase edges outside of a selected area?

    I have downloaded an eps file from a free vector image site. I was trying to cut an image area of a visiting card but It also come with edges like the image showing ( attached) How to remove edges of that image outside of the selected box area? I...
  3. N

    want help to improve this image.

    hi,can any one help me to shrpen this image while reduce noise & pixalaration. also i want to know how to do it.. i know there so many professionalls in this forum. also i got so many knowledge from that persons. i will thankfull for any one can help me :)
  4. Eggy

    Hole In One

    Or not? Since I'm still paying for Pixelsquid I used it today together with one image and some brushes to get this Please do comment...(watch the details)
  5. D

    Free absolute beginners course available at Udemy

    Hi everyone, I've just released a series of 10 videos at 5 minutes each about the absolute basics of image editing at this link: This is not a course about how to use any one bit of software. It just covers the basic processes & in what order you would...
  6. L

    How to export 24bit 96dpi png image?

    When I open new photoshop document I create a file with 96dpi, then I export it by using 'save for web' PNG-24 tool, however when I open the file in Preview and go to image inspector it shows that the image is 8bit and 72dpi... could anyone suggest me how can I export 24bit 96dpi PNG image?
  7. C

    Help including my dog.

    We wanted to make a personal christmas card to send to relatives. I was wondering if someone could help me include my dog in the picture? I started to do it but didn't look any real at all. Thanks in advance!
  8. P

    resize image to small size but keep it sharp

    I have an image with 1366px x 1464px size, it is a screenshoot of a webpage btw. I just resize it to 336px x 360px and keep the aspect ratio. But, the resized image result looks a bit ugly, the text inside the image a bit dotted and blurry. Is there any better way to keep the smaller image look...
  9. R

    Trying to Find a PSG Thread from Several Months Ago

    Perhaps six months ago, somebody posted a video tutorial for how to insert a woman with complicated hair into another image (it was an interior room of a house). Rather than selecting and extracting the woman and her hair, he placed the entire photo of her---including the background---onto the...
  10. M

    Save My Christmas Card!

    My toddler just couldn't stay out of the photo! Could someone please remove his blue jeans and shoes from the upper right of the photo so I'm left with just the baby, the blanket, and the grass background? Also, I had to shrink the image down from the original (6000x4000) to upload. I'm going...
  11. D

    Easy way to remove drop shadow from a flattened image?

    I need to edit an image a client sent me, but it is flattened and it has a drop shadow. I need to remove the drop shadow, and I have tried selecting it the best I can, but when I get around the chrome part, it get's really messy. Does anyone have any tips or tricks that would make this easier...
  12. R

    Increase resolution and smoothe image edges

    I am attempting to make some new business cards and this logo is embroidered on my shirts and thought that would be a nice touch if they matched. When I go to vista print the image (logo) looks very poor quality and blurry. is there a way to make this more smoothe and finished looking. I...
  13. J

    Portrait image to line drawing

    Hello all. Hopefully I can get a bit of advice from you all. I have tried to search your forums to see if I could find a solution, but to no avail. The past couple of years I’ve tried numerous times to convert an image of a person to line drawing in order to engrave it or cut it on my CNC, so...
  14. S

    Need help stitching two images together

    Hi, I have these two images of a man and woman pushing the same rock from opposite sides. I was wondering if it would be possible to use photoshop to combine the two individual images to make one larger image where they are pushing the same rock from opposite sides in the same image. The size...
  15. N

    macro label image

    i have a macro that selects color ranges and fills it with some color (16 colors - one by one). is there any way to add text label over the part of the image where it is filled?
  16. C

    can someone photoshop people out?

    Can someone photoshop the people out of the image so it's only the girl in the middle