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Need help removing text from an image and increasing quality please.


The image is a picture of my school year group and while I do already have a physical copy of this photo I would like a digital copy as well. While I do acknowledge that the rules state I shouldn't ask for watermarks to be removed, this photo is not stolen and I have actually purchased two copies, which I already mentioned; this combined with the fact the photography company does not offer an option to purchase a digital download like they do with individuals photos, I personally feel that a request of this nature is appropriate. Of course, I do greatly apologize to any of the staff if my logic is incorrect and thank anyone who might be willing to help with removing and this watermark and touching up the image. For reference, I have also uploaded the same image, all be it of much lower quality, just in case that would help anyone.
Many Thanks,

Year Goup 2017(HQ).jpgYear Goup 2017 (LQ).jpg
Hi and welcome to PSG

You state "while I do already have a physical copy of this photo" why not just get the physical copy scanned, that way you will have a digital copy
I wish I could. Unfortunately, the photo is more than 20 inches wide and I don't have a scanner large enough, nor know of any service available to scan it, but thank you for the response.
There is a lot going on in that front row. If you could scan the photo in 2 or 3 pieces with an overlap someone here can piece it back together. It will look a lot better.:)
That's a good idea, I can't do it at the moment but I'll be sure to get right on it tomorrow morning and upload it here. Thanks for all the help offered!:youtheman:
It's really because removing watermarks is kind of illegal and VERY hard to do. it would take hours for a skilled photoshop user to remove a watermark, and it would probably still look a little weird.