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  1. M

    Need help removing text from an image and increasing quality please.

    The image is a picture of my school year group and while I do already have a physical copy of this photo I would like a digital copy as well. While I do acknowledge that the rules state I shouldn't ask for watermarks to be removed, this photo is not stolen and I have actually purchased two...
  2. N

    Cannot type the letter "H"

    This issue started up yesterday. I cannot, regardless of font type or size or capitalization, type the letter "h" using the text tool. I can copy and paste the letter in, but trying to type it any other way does nothing.
  3. M

    Help required.

    Hi Guys. Just wondering could anyone have the time to make me something similar to this image I don't need any images or graphics in the Pic. I just want to recreate the curved line effect if possible. I've tried recreating using the pen tool but my Photoshop knowledge is not that great...
  4. S

    Help imitating another artist

    Hey guys I'm a new member here. I'm an amateur who messes around in photoshop for fun and I came across this style which I really like and would like to emulate but I'm just not sure how to go about it. Was hoping that maybe some of you guys might have some insight as to the techniques being...
  5. M

    patching problems

    hi guys how to patch these corners here,i tryed every tool possible patching under the picture and around but for some reason it starts to copy the picture thanks
  6. P

    My dogs pawprint

    Hello! I would like a copy of my dogs paw print however he hates having his paws handled so the best I could get is a photo, if you could get me a copy of his paw print it would be greatly appreciated. I would like the outcome to look like the attached paw print pictures (print1, print2)but...
  7. E

    Windows and Mac versions of Photoshop ...completely incompatible?

    I probably know the answer to this but felt it was worth getting some comment from some other folks... I have a copy of CS5 Extended for Windows. Is there any way that it can be run on a Mac? Can it be converted in any way or is it simply impossible? Thanks in anticipation!
  8. J

    Help with wrapping banner around Oval Shape

    I have a long thin banner that I want to bend or rap around an oval shape to make the banner appear to be border for the oval how can I do this? tried Edit>Transform>Wrap but it had disastrous results attached is a copy of my starting point, I want the black and gold banner to drape or wrap...
  9. D

    deleting everything but outines

    I'm working on a project that involves fixing coloring mistakes in old cartoons frame by frame. my plan is to do this: make a new layer that's a copy of the first, find some way to delete everything on the upper layer except for the outines, then use the paintbrush tool on the parts of the...
  10. R

    Problem with layers

    Hi, I should have asked about this issue a long time ago. Have been working around it for quite a while. Right now for example I used the spot healing brush tool on a copy of the bg layer cntrl j in windows. Now I want to use the clone tool and then reduce the opacity but I don't want the...
  11. gedstar

    You Can Still Get Windows 10 for Free from Microsoft’s Accessibility Site

    Although Microsoft has said that the upgrade offer has ended you can still upgrade for free if you have a genuine copy of Windows 7 or 8 More info here Link to upgrade...
  12. G

    create layer template with color choices?

    I have a .psd file that serves as templet with 10 different colored layers. As needed, I copy one of the layers and then paste it into another .psd tab/file. For example, if I need 5 REDS, I c/p the red layer of my template, duplicate it 4 times and then arrange as needed. Is there a way to...
  13. Z

    Is it possible to copy Guides from one psd to other psd?

    hi Gurus is there anyway to copy guides from one psd to other psd?
  14. T

    Could someone create a Digital Copy of Cricket Club crest? (Different Request)

    Hey y'all, Basically, I am creating a Website for a local Cricket Club. Planned out everything (how many web pages and the layouts of them). There's just one tiny problem. I have no digital copy of the club's crest to put on the Website. All I have is a photo of it. I was wondering if you...
  15. S


    Hi I have a background jpeg ("partially locked") and a background copy. When I make changes to "background copy", and I open the original, the same changes appear in original. I thought the background orig. should remain unchanged. Am I wrong? Is it a setting somewhere? Obliged for any help here.
  16. B

    How to copy this photo's effect?

    How could I do to copy a dark filter like this to use on another photo? Thanks
  17. PegoMan

    Isolating and copying Text Letters

    I have a very old (circa 1880/1890) photo of my Great Grandfather's General Merchandise store. I'm trying to restore it as well as possible. I've been able to brighten it up and remove some noise using Camera Raw and some adjustment layers, but I can't figure out how to isolate and copy the...
  18. ashley1

    How do I copy one section of the picture to paste on a new image?

    I want to copy the foreground (the lettering) of this image and paste the lettering to a new image. Also, how would I place the words underneath each other? Thank you! =)
  19. V

    Looking for good books and magazines

    Anyone have any suggestions on good reference books, like to have hard copy of help stuff and also any good magazine subs out there?
  20. A

    copy and paste illustrator to photoshop

    Hello everyone , I copy pasted illustrator file as smart object in Photoshop to add some layer style. however couldn't find a way except save the file back as PSD and open it in illustrator with low quality. I also tried to do my changes of illustrator file in Photoshop using place...