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  1. O

    cut, copy layer to new file

    Hi, i have 3 group layer ( test1 - test 2 - test ) ! now can i cut or copy only this group ( test2 ) layer to new file ?? Thanks
  2. P

    Can someone help me clean this old copy up?

    Hey All, I am not a graphics expert by far. I specialize in .NET code and well frankly my design skills are nill. I think pages with just text are great! Anywho, I have this old photocopy of something I need to turn into a poster for a Christmas present for my folks. Could someone clean this...
  3. Vafann

    Copy MS Word text to PSD?

    I am trying to do something but it doesn´t seem to work. I have made a background paper in Photoshop. I want to copy a text from a word document and paste it into the paper in PS. I have tried several things, but nothing works. Then I tried to make the paper a png, and insert it into word...
  4. N

    Crop and Straighten photos causes "copy" to show up in Action

    Crop and Straighten photos causes "copy" to show up in Action Files are: a128-58-copy when they should be a128-58-copy I have narrowed it down to the Crop and Straighten function. Photoshop > File > Automate > crop and straighten thanks for your help!
  5. O

    How to Copy Merged layer ?

    Hi I am new in Photoshop version CS5 I am trying to copy some different layer and merged to new image. Without successful. I add attachment for example. I try to merged two layer | layer is blue color || layer is purple color I selected the two layer by arrow mouse And I go to menu edit...
  6. Bobzworld

    clean copy

    can anyone get a clean copy of the word Tommy's (i need the name alone) from this pic or tell me what font they are using?
  7. Rooster

    Copy A Pattern From A Picture {Please Help}

    Hi this is my 1st post here and I'm pretty new to photoshop. I'm trying to copy a pattern on a baby blanket in a photo, there was someone holding the baby and I was able to cut out the hands, and replace it with a general color from the eyedropper tool but now it just doesn't look right with...