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  1. T

    Specific Card image quality and resize request

    Hello! I would like to request this card image to be upscaled to a higher quality and resized to be 120mm x 70mm. I would really appreciate if anyone could do these fixs for me please 💜
  2. M

    How to reduce png files in Photoshop

    I need help to find out how to reduce the size of my png files. I sell digital products on Etsy and the maximum size of file I can upload there is 20MB. Many of my files exceed that limit. For example, right now I have several files that are over 32MB. I have tried many of the compressor...
  3. M

    Resizing Question

    Hi everyone, Im new here and have what feels like a dumb simple question but I cant find anything online to help me. I am trying to take this 16x16 tileset and resize it to be 32x32 tileset, so essentially I just need to double the size. Problem is when I do that, the image gets all fuzzy. Its a...
  4. T

    How to resize canvas permanently

    Hello, I am new to PS CC and I have to say it is amazing! Now I got a question which is probably of a rather simple nature, but doing some Research on my own I wasnt able to figure out how to do what I want at all. The issue is as follows: I have a Picture of a certain size let's say 3 Inch x...
  5. L

    Photoshop Request - Change the size of the picture to 1400 X 520 Pixels

    Can someone please change the size of this picture to 1400 X 520 for me without losing any content and without making it stretched. You can extend the sides of the picture if need be. Also, I'd appreciate if someone could clean up the photo and make it look nice and bright.
  6. Helloitsrachg

    Please put us together in one photo

    Hi, I would really love if someone could please help me out by putting my friend and I together in the flowers. Would you also make us the same size (since one picture is more zoomed in)? Thank you!
  7. A

    How to increase the canvas (white background) without streching the picture into 1:1

    Hi I have several thousand pictures with different sizes. For example: 1024x683 3456x5184 550x550 (aspect ratio 1:1) I want to record the ACTION so that I can Batch process all the pictures by making this canvas 1:1 ratio with white background. So something like this 1024x683...
  8. S

    Layer Size

    Hello all, I have a logo that I am trying to fit across several different templates. Is there a way that I can easily resize the logo to a particular size? Free transform allows me to increase size, but I'd like it to be something like 200x400px on all of my templates. Is there a way for me to...
  9. ZeroCool22

    [Photomanipulation] Under Attack.

    Full Size:
  10. V


    Hi everyone. I am an artist and have just made a fatal error! I have designed some new greetings cards and decided to do the A6 (folding to A7) designs first. I've completed 18 designs and have printed them off and they look fab. Then I went to do them in A5 (folding to A6) and suddenly...
  11. D

    Please help!

    Could someone please photoshop the jet-border in front of the fountain keeping both images clear and the person the same size as in the original? Thanks so much in advance!
  12. Pipsmom

    New Project Guidance needed

    I have a project in mind for three 1800's photos and need a little advice on the simplest way to achieve this...I have in my mind what I want it to look like but don't know the steps how to achieve it..:banghead: ............Highly ambitious for a beginner with just basic knowledge but one must...
  13. A

    Illustrator How to warp/transform a single letter?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to create something similar to this... It's the a that I am interested in. As you can see the curve part of the letter (where the c is located) has been removed from the a. I know while using Illustrator you can press 'cmd + shift and o' which brings up anchor points of...
  14. Z

    photo for CV - Erasing a part of a person out of the photo

    Hi all! I am in the middle of preparing my CV and I do not have a current picture. The one attached is the most recent I was able to find. I know Photoshop a bit but not well enough to be able to do it myself. I tried but failed and my work looks very unnatural. Im still trying to do it googling...
  15. E

    Photoshop users , could you assist me?

    I would love an image altered .... Could any one help me by editing this image to the faded nostalgic look ( please look at both photos ... I want this image to look like the shirt (In other words , any anyone help me dueplicate this image to look like the one on the shirt ... like...
  16. A

    Need help for father's birthday

    What a godsend it is finding this site. Some assistance would be so appreciated If possible could someone please take the patch and put it on the front of my fathers old scout shirt. I keep trying but I cant size or crop it properly. I messed up and posted it above the shirt and cant...
  17. S

    Batch Automation Automated aspect ratio???

    Hey all, Just like to say hi, thins is my first post here, I've been wracking my brains over this one. I need to take 100s of jpegs of different sizes and have an action or AppleScript crop them to a specific aspect ratio, say for example 4:3. But I want it to do this regardless of pixel...
  18. W

    photoshop printing size

    hi, i have used photoshop for quite a while and always had trouble with printing sizes but just put up with it, i am now at the point where i need something printed precisely as i have made them on photoshop. however when i print the image or images the sizes are never the same as what they...
  19. V

    Auto crop white border

    I'm searching for a way to remove the white border of images. I have 6000-7000 images, so I can't do this by hand... Every image has a different size and a different white border. Is there any plugin that does this? For example: has to be:
  20. gedstar

    Possible bug in Photoshop CC2017.1

    Just came across this thread I was able to replicate it on Photoshop CC2017.1, opened up a 4600 * 2800 px image this was just a random image I had, then for a couple of minutes I used the patch tool just all over the image patching in various locations...