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  1. C

    Brush cursor size and the stylus wheel.

    This one has been bugging me for a while. I assign my stylus wheel to change the brush size. It's pretty useful... but it would be 10,000 times more useful if the brush shape outline of my cursor sized along with it! The cursor sizes when you type in a new brush size... why not change with...
  2. Paul

    Drag and size?

    When i use say the lasso tool and have made all my clean ups i then drag it onto the next image, but when doing this it always grows in size and i have to grab a corner and reduce to the same as the second image to play around with it, so to speak. Hope you understand my ask. Is this the...
  3. A

    Seeing pixel size in pencil

    How do I control being able to see the pixel size of the pencil tool so its not just a small x but I can actually see the size of the area I am going to draw with?
  4. I

    Problem: Save for Web & Devices keeps changing my document size

    Problem: I have a working image in Photoshop with this as it's Image size: Image size Pixel dimension width:1700 height:2200 Document size width:8.5in height:11in Resolution:200 but after I 'Save for Web & Devices', it changes the dimension automatically to this: Image size Pixel dimension...
  5. M

    Photoshop increase file size

    Hello. I've a JPEG image (downloaded from the web), its size is 414 bytes. When I open it in Photoshop CS5, and save it with a different name (from "Save for Web.."), new image size is 1280 bytes!! In the "Save for web" panel, it shows image size is 380 bytes (photoshop says size will be 380...
  6. P

    Reducing file size for email? Please help!

    Hey guys, I posted yesterday about having trouble with the production of my CV on photoshop elements 9.0 and thankfully with the help of some gurus on here yesterday it got sorted, but unfortunately today I have another problem concerning the same CV. My CV is finished, spent ages on it...
  7. J

    pic size changes when copied

    Hi: This is my first post. I am trying to make a poster I have the background done and I want to add a pic. The pic is approx 4x6, the poster is 11x17. When I copy the pic into the poster it becomes very small. How do I retain the original size? When I try to transform the pic it becomes blurry...
  8. T

    shrinking pictures without getting lots of dirty pixels

    Hello, Every time I reduce the size (height & length) of a picture in Photoshop, I get a lot more pixels everywhere. And when I mean a lot, it's really so dirty that I cannot use it ! I don't understand because i've got some pictures from a Canon 40D that are really good quality, about...
  9. C

    Image File size issue

    I am creating a flash series and I'm doing all of my characters and backgrounds in photoshop. I love the way it looks but when I import the characters and backgrounds into flash the file size is WAY too big. Is there something that I don't know about to lower the file size without losing any...