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  1. C

    Photoshop - App Development Issue

    Hi Guys, Hoping anyone can help. I've designed an GUI in Photoshop with the dimensions 1820 x 600 on a MacBook Retina (This was set 100% viewing). The exported files states it is those dimensions, however when I gave it to my software developer, it came back much larger, almost twice the size...
  2. S

    Can someone remove the background?

    Hello! Please remove the background and make them into pngs, original size! Need it for a project!
  3. E

    Scaled layer image quality

    Hi guys, i scaled down a layer, but later i need to scale it up back But when i do this the layer wont have the quality it used to have first time So is there a way to protect, keep the quality of a layer which is scaled down? i made an example to explain it better in first image the layer...
  4. F

    Compressing Jpegs to a specific size

    Images need to be resized from LARGE Tiffs or Jpegs to a specific web size BUT still keeping the image quality... Image Size: 1600px long side, 72DPI and each shot compressed and sharpened for web with no file over 130kb. File size needs to be 130kb or under - then when opened in photoshop -...
  5. W

    How would I ....

    Good afternoon everyone, I was combing though some old photos the other day when I came across two photos that made my creative side perk up, but I have no idea how I would accomplish what my brain cooked up. The basic idea is to take a macro-ish sized object and have it look as if it's...
  6. U

    How to ensure print size is the same as screen size

    I am starting an advertising business running print ads and my ads need to be a specific size when they are printed out. I know how to make the ad the size that I want on the screen but does anyone know what I would have to do to ensure that they are printed out that same size. Any help would...
  7. A

    Brush tool selected to black but comes out grey

    Hey there, I'm having a problem with the brush tool showing up as grey rather than black. I'm using the hard round preset and all colours are set to black. Image mode is set to RGB colour and 8bits. I have the brush size at 2px. If I increase the px size the brush colour goes darker. But I need...
  8. R

    Hi, can someone fix my right eye and make it more the size of my left? I'm the female

    Hi, can someone fix my right eye(female) and make it more the size of my left one? Thank you!
  9. C

    Photoshop Export Issue

    Hi Everyone, I'm new here and hoping someone can help. I'm currently design a GUI for a software. I have designed it at 100% (so the canvas size will the exact same as the size of the application) Utilising the export function, my exports always seem to be larger in view percentage. Like I...
  10. J

    Problem with making PDF

    Hello PS Crew, I started updating my portfolio, and got problem when exporting to PDF. PS doesn't want to export (a normal gray) rectangle. He just doesn't exist on PDF. Everything else is fine. I don't see that there is any problem with my file, it's not too big, and PDF size is 6.655 KB...
  11. C

    Artwork prep for T-shirt Printing

    Hi Guys, I have a logo I want to print on a T-shirt. The artwork is really rough in terms of the colour uniformity and outer lines. Also, the face needs shifting over to the right a little! LOL! I've tried posterizing for the colours but it comes out looking really weird. Is the size OK, do you...
  12. hershy314

    Printing photos

    I've been racking my brain as how to fix this problem. I'll take a photo and go to print it and it never turns out right. I'll always have an odd shaped boarder around the image, if I'm printing on 5x7 or 4x6 inch paper. If I print on a normal size paper it seems to work just fine. I want to...
  13. P

    resize image to small size but keep it sharp

    I have an image with 1366px x 1464px size, it is a screenshoot of a webpage btw. I just resize it to 336px x 360px and keep the aspect ratio. But, the resized image result looks a bit ugly, the text inside the image a bit dotted and blurry. Is there any better way to keep the smaller image look...
  14. A

    How to reduce PDF size (Photoshop)

    So i created a flyer for my cousin, quite new to PS. Only ever really saved in JPG before. No matter what i do, i can not reduce the file size for this. - I have tried reducing image size from 300 dpi to 100. - I have tried 'smallest file size' option when saving. - Watched YouTube Videos...
  15. A

    Actual Size vs Phone Resolution

    Hi there. I have an app I'm working on where I'd like to display the "actual size" of a ring on the screen. There are multiple sizes of rings and each has a very specific size (some in inches, some in millimeters). I found a sizing chart online (pdf document) that included the "actual size"...
  16. S

    Resizing with Content aware in PS 2017

    I have a photo that is approximately 24+ x 18+. I want to print it at 20x24. I'm not sure how to upsize it using content aware to arrive at this size. I've attached my screen shot. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  17. J

    Change of file

    Hey guys,I have an EPS file that is CS4 quality, however I need to get it downgraded to CS3; Can someone save is as a lower file? Also if someone could tell me the font, size and color used for the "performance centre" part it would be a great help (The guy who made it for me is going...
  18. C

    size and resolution

    I don't understand theme size and resolution of images. that resolution must have images for print or for banners and other. Help me please!!!
  19. N

    Ruler Display

    Hi, I scanned some old 4x4 photos, that I would like to print as 4x4 on 4x6 paper. I read where I could change the canvas size in Photoshop to 4x6 to get this done. When I look at the the 4x4 scanned photo in Photoshop, the ruler displays it 80x80. How can I get the actual inches on the ruler...
  20. N

    This oughta sound weird!!!