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Photoshop Export Issue


Hi Everyone,

I'm new here and hoping someone can help.

I'm currently design a GUI for a software. I have designed it at 100% (so the canvas size will the exact same as the size of the application)

Utilising the export function, my exports always seem to be larger in view percentage. Like I export, then open the image on my desktop and when I select 'Actual size' it shows much larger than the 100% shown inside of Photoshop.

The 'Save As' function works to the exact size of 100%, however when 'exporting' individual layers it doesn't stick to the correct size I designed it at.

Hope that makes sense.
Please help.

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The magnification factor (ie, the "viewing percentage") that it happens to open at makes absolute ZERO difference. If you don't like it, change it to whatever screen size you like or feel that you need.

For display on the web, display on a computer screen, etc, the ONLY thing that matters are the dimensions of the image in pixels. Check that this hasn't changed during the export process.

Please let us know the result.


Tom M
Thank you for your response.

I'm on Mac, and when I open an image file and select 'Actual Size' it displays much larger than the 100% inside Photoshop. The canvas inside PS is 1600 x 900 pixels (100%) however when I export (Scaled - 100%) then double click from the desktop and choose 'Actual Size' that is when it blows up and shows much larger than the said, 1600 x 900.

I'm viewing on a MacBook Pro Retina (2880 x 1800) - does this make a difference?

They are the same (1600 x 900). Is just the viewing that is the issue when 'Actual Size' is selected.

When implementing it into the code / software, it does seem to scale larger as well.
If you are using Preview when opening up the image, there are two possible options under Preferences. It is possible you don't have the correct option set for a match with PS at 100% which is one image pixel equals 1 screen pixel. That is my best guess:

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 8.27.20 AM.png