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  1. L

    How to Save an Image with Blending Modes?

    My file contains a background layer and an image layer above that is set to pin light. I've tried rasterizing, merging, saving as png & jpg, apply image, etc. - and NOTHING maintains the blending mode setting. There has to be a way to export or save the effect in a flattened else...
  2. B

    script to save png with different layers

    dear all, I am trying to build a script that will do the following: I have a big file which includes several group of laywers. I would like to alternatively turn on a group of layer and export a png @40% size then turn off the group and turn on the next group then export png etc... I want to do...
  3. R

    Photoshop Render Video Export Not Working iMac 2020

    Hello I just bought a brand new to of the link iMac 2020 and first my first project I'm already having issues. I created a simple banner ad with a video and when I try to do export > Render Video the wheel starts spinning but just stays stuck. I have a brand new iMac with 40 gigs of ram so it...
  4. O

    Exporting for Instagram Problem

    I'm designing in Photoshop, exporting it for the web, 1920px X 1920px, max quality (100) and 300 dpi. The original photo look like this very sharp but after I upload it to Instagram it gets blurry and even rugged (noise). Here is example, you can see how shity this is.. How can I export it so...
  5. B

    Saving Designs For Tshirt Printing

    Hello PS Version CC 2018 Just wanted to know what would be the best way to save/ export a design for printing on tshirts. I need to save them at 300 Dpi and in PNG format So far, I've been doing Saving For Web but I wonder if that's the proper way of saving designs for prints Please advise...
  6. C

    Photoshop Export Issue

    Hi Everyone, I'm new here and hoping someone can help. I'm currently design a GUI for a software. I have designed it at 100% (so the canvas size will the exact same as the size of the application) Utilising the export function, my exports always seem to be larger in view percentage. Like I...
  7. B

    HELP ! What export options should i use for facebook?

    Hi guys, so the title pretty much says it all. I want to recreate that type of quality when i export My and that page have similar content, but i can't get to the image quality when i export out of photoshop. I got CS6, can upgrade if needed...
  8. L

    How to export 24bit 96dpi png image?

    When I open new photoshop document I create a file with 96dpi, then I export it by using 'save for web' PNG-24 tool, however when I open the file in Preview and go to image inspector it shows that the image is 8bit and 72dpi... could anyone suggest me how can I export 24bit 96dpi PNG image?
  9. thePixelPixie

    Entire canvas isn't exporting?

    So, I've got a weird thing happening with a file right now. Never run into this one before: I have a 6.25 x 4.25 canvas size. It's full bleed. But when I go to File/Export/Export As...the preview image appears cut off at the top and bottom - by quite a bit. Not just the bleed amount. Is there a...
  10. C

    Help I worked on the low res files

    I didn't see when i exported the JPG from RAW that it was on 6mp and limited to 1.5MB, I worked on the files about 8 hours in compositing and lucky i was to saved it as a PSB. Is there anyway to export the same files again to a higher resolution and somehow replace them with the current files...
  11. mikecox

    Can I export 35 layers as jpgs in one shot

    I have 35 numbered layers, each an individual page for a photo book. I want to export each layer as a jpg image so I can load them into the photo book module in Lr. Is it possible to batch the task? I tried Export, but that didn't seem to be the answer.
  12. F

    In need of urgent favour

    Sup guys, i'm new to the forum, i registered because i am in need of a favour asap. I am currently on a road trip and brought my laptop with me, unfortunately i dont have photoshop installed on this pc and i dont have enough bandwith to download the whole thing (im on mobile network). Basically...
  13. MoltresRider

    Photoshop 2015 Export NOT WORKING since update

    My Photoshop 2015 "updated" and now Export does not work anymore with any image! I ALWAYS get a blank export as dialog! EVERYBODY says that this problem was supposedly fixed in 2015.1.2, but this was never a problem until 2015.1.2! A bug that never affected me that was supposedly fixed in...
  14. A

    Export Layer to File

    How do I 'Export layers to files' while adding an additional layer to each file? I have a logo I need to add to each photo. Thanks!
  15. M

    a .PSD file on a web server and work on it from multiple clients... is it possible?

    I have main PSD file, updated from an expert designer and some clients that would like to do some last adjustements first to export the PSD into JPEG or PNG.. How I could manage these informations?
  16. G

    Illustrator Export of seamless vector image from Illustrator to Photoshop Elements

    Hi I am in fabric design/printing business and work with seamless patterns. Almost all designs I purchase are in EPS or AI, but I need them in PSD. (Both because I know that program best, but also because the company who prints our fabrics prefer Photoshop) When I export from Illustrator to...
  17. A

    Export histogram info

    Is it possible to export the histogram info into a spreadsheet, in the same way I can do with the measurement log? I need it to include the value for "Pixels:" Thanks, Andrew
  18. anonymust

    Action to strip EXIF data.

    I would like to make an action to do the following 1) Resize the image to 600x600 without losing any image quality (or dots per inch) 2) Strip all the EXIF data 3) Save the image (and also IF the image is a PNG format, convert it to JPG) How can I get this done?
  19. S

    Optimal export settings for posting online

    Hi, I often use the paintbrush tool to create images in Flash and Photoshop. The quality of the images look great on my computer however when I upload them to the web I notice that a strong decrease image quality even though the file size is very small. Are there any optimal image export...
  20. A

    Illustrator Exporting SWF - continuous and annoying last frame

    Hi there! I'm having some problems here exporting swf to preview an animation I'm working on. The fact is that in the swf exported file, with or without loop, the last frame keeps showing up all the time, after it's first play, and it's really really really annoying, because when I repeat the...