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  1. O

    Illustrator Illustrator CS6 Saving to PDF Gradient Problems HELP!!!

    Hello, Im trying to export an illustrator CS6 document to PDF but whenever i export it the gradients within the document turn nearly sold. On the screen it looks fine. have changed the transparency in the document set up to high res but still, nothing changes. Does anyone have any idea? Please...
  2. A

    PS CS5 exporting huge .jpg/.png images

    Have had this problem for some time and seems to be getting worse! Started a few months ago when I was creating .pngs via "save for web and devices." The image would be 6" in PS, then when I placed the .png it would be huge, 36" or more! I looked all over the web and forums for a solution...
  3. J

    Client wants RAW files - is it possible to save any adjustments to those files?

    I don't, obviously, often (ever) deliver RAW files to a client. They want RAW files to do their own processing. Is there a method in Adobe Camera RAW to 'save adjustments' to the files at all? Or am I truly stuck into handing over as-shot images? (blech) :eek: THanks Jeff
  4. T

    Illustrator problem in exporting wmf file in Illustrator

    Hi Everyone, I am facing a problem in Illustrator while exporting wmf file. When type a text and export the picture as wmf, the exported wmf file has text with transparent background, whereas placing a transparent (png, gif) picture and exporting to wmf comes with a white background ... The same...
  5. G

    Clipping Mask problem

    Hi I was wondering if it is possible to convert/copy a clipping mask to a layer mask. The reason is, that I have a textured layer, and a highlight layer. By selecting the highlight layer and creating a clipping mask, I get the effect I want. But... I want to save the highlight layer on...
  6. T

    Export layers to files script Ignores adjustment layers.

    Hello All, first post here, I am trying to use the build in photoshop script [Export Files To Layers] I have 17 layers with two adjustment layers on top (the adjustment layers are changing the Hue/Saturation and the color balance. When I use the script, I get 19 layers (jpg's of the...
  7. D

    My first export

    I'm a fan for this girl group and they just had their Maxim cover shoot but, there were no ones with the girls together so, I decided to make two into one. Comments on the picture is appreciated. Thank You
  8. R

    How can I merge & export 2 layers with blending modes?

    Hi I'm working on some graphics for an iPhone app for which I need to export images to png. The image has an inner and an outer glow to create a glowing LED effect. The problem I have is the outer glow has the 'screen' blending mode applied and when I export this the blending mode defaults to...
  9. daltondavis

    Export All Layers As A File Type In Just A Couple Of Clicks!

  10. A

    Export function in bridge not working

    I have PS CS5 and the Bridge version is If I open export, the area is blank- from what I have seen facebook, etc should appear. I downloaded a plug-in and now I can export to the hard drive of my PC. Any help please, as the direct uploading to facebook produces...