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Exporting for Instagram Problem

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I'm designing in Photoshop, exporting it for the web, 1920px X 1920px, max quality (100) and 300 dpi.

The original photo look like this very sharp but after I upload it to Instagram it gets blurry and even rugged (noise).
Here is example, you can see how shity this is..

How can I export it so it doent get like this ?
What can I do ?

Thanks :)
I think IG will always try and "optimise" your images... And this being an automated process, they pretty much just make it so the filesize goes down...as low as possible, without much regard to what happens...

That said, IG wants 1080px images. You'd help yourself uploading the right image size right away... You at least get the chance to resample yourself...

Take a look at this : https://louisem.com/37587/whats-the-best-instagram-image-size

Hope this helps. :)
Well, this more than a 1-month-old topic but I decided to answer for anyone still looking for it.

Instagram compresses any image down to a few KBs and it is not famous for keeping the quality of the image while doing so. From what I see, many things have gone wrong in your image specs that resulted in very bad compression. You designed it for web, did you save it as PNG? If so, it is a big no-no. Instagram supports JPG and if you upload any other file format, it will convert to JPG and hence losing quality whilst the process. Second thing, 300 DPI is way too big for Insta. The Instagram best works in the range of 72 DPI, so if your image is 300 DPI, it's going to be converted to 72 and again, Instagram is very bad at conversions without losing quality. You also don't need to save the image for 100% quality. Bad idea as it increases the file size. Instagram will compress it again and mess up your image. Instagram's most optimized image dimension is 1080x1080 square. So your 1920x1920 image dimension will be reduced resulting in poor quality.

I go with 1080x1080 JPG @70% quality and 72 DPI for posting on Instagram. It has so far given me the best quality Insta uploads without triggering Instagram compression.

Most of my images go down to a few KBs from 10-11 MBs when I originally take or create them. For the same reason, Instagram doesn't mind compressing them. This helps me balance the quality and details of my image as well as avoid Instagram compression.

Remember the trick is to do the job for Instagram. Insta's auto compression tool is absolutely miserable. So, just avoid it overall and do the work manually.
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