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script to save png with different layers


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dear all,
I am trying to build a script that will do the following:
I have a big file which includes several group of laywers. I would like to alternatively turn on a group of layer and export a png @40% size then turn off the group and turn on the next group then export png etc...
I want to do such script because I have 10+ files that have exactly the same groups of layers for which I want to do the same operation
Thanks for your help!!
Too few details to be able to provide specific help, but perhaps the "Layer Saver" script by Paul Riggott will help ...
What additional detail would you need?
I will have a look to the layer saver you are mentioning.
I initially tried to use an action to perform the task but it did not work properly : for some reasons sometimes it was not turning on the full group of layer but only few layers inside.
Hi @baretg
If your existing solutions don't work for you and you want to make it work with Actions, there is always a debug process with Actions/Scripts/Software solution. One of the tools for debugging is putting the execution in the mode to execute each action step one at a time under your control. After each step you can examine what looks right and what does not. That will isolate the step that is not working as you expected and often revealing the mistake. If you don't understand why it does not work as expected, that could be a specific question on the forums. The problem can be caused by many things so it is hard to just guess without seeing your PSD file and the Action itself. Actions can be saved as ATN files and shared to help debugging.

Most software is quite simple and lacks the sophistication of AI and guess what you need done. Most software will execute a step by step specific steps without understanding the overall picture. Think about the details you would need to give to a kindergarten or preshcooler to execute the task successfully without asking you any questions along the way and you would have the outline for a software program. If you want the software to work multiple times on different jobs, then those jobs need to be structured identical enough where the steps would work on them too (e.g. number of Layers, layer names, the same starting layer active, and all layers starting with a consistent visibility, etc. Not hard yet can be tedious just as debugging can be. So if you want someone else to do it, you would either have to provide such details or provide the higher level directions, the PSD file, and interface with the programmer so they could ask you questions to extract the details for them to do their work. At least that has been my experience. Its also why programming is typically well paying jobs because its not easy to get it right (as you are finding out).
Just my quick suggestions
John Wheeler
ADDED EDIT - here is a link to an Adobe Help File on managing actions including playback for use with debugging: Managing Actions
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This is the script that was already mentioned in post #2 ...

A simple web search is enough to find this script (and various variants of it)

Anyway, I wonder why @baretg didn't test the script first or provided a sample file and its action for testing, before asking what information is missing ...

This is the script that was already mentioned in post #2 ...

A simple web search is enough to find this script (and various variants of it)

I believe that I posted a link to the Layer Set Saver script. 677 lines of code.

The Layer Saver script that you mentioned in post #2 is 1313 lines of code.

Different GUI, different options, a different – but related script. There is also the Layer Saver Plus variant that I am aware of. There could be others... Why not offer a link, rather than making somebody search for it?